Performance Testing Big Data with Vishnu Nair and Vijay Gavane

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About this Episode:

Join us today as we explore the world of performance testing big data with our QA advocate Vishnu Nair and Principal QA engineer Vijay Gavane. Learn about their experiences in testing big data systems, their challenges, and the strategies they used to overcome them. Discover how to test to ensure performance when dealing with tremendous amounts of data that needs to be ingested, stored, and searched simultaneously. Get ready for an exciting and informative episode!

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About Vijay Gavane

Vijay Gavane

Vijay Gavane is a technology enthusiast, GEE (Global Enterprise Engineer), who is currently working as Principal QA engineer with Deutsche Bank. He possesses 20+ years of experience in QA tools and frameworks across different and functional domains and technology stacks. He has been a core member of Testing Center of Excellence in his past experience where he not only designed & scaled Test Automation frameworks but also established QA best practices and standards.

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About Vishnu Nair

Vishnu Nair

Vishnu Nair is a QA advocate, currently working as QA Architect in Duetsche Bank. He has over 8+ years of experience in designing, curating and writing test cases across different technologies including Big Data, UI and Backend services. Also have expertise in Performance Engineering, Resiliency Testing and Security Testing.

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