Performance/SRE Awesomeness in Latin America

By Test Guild
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About this Episode:

In this episode, I’ll speak with 12 speakers (Federico Toledo, Mark Tomlinson, Leandro Melendez, Henrik Rexed, Anisbert Suárez, Roger Abelenda, Laura Gayo, Nicolás Paez, Lucía Lavagna, Gerencia, Vera Babat, Mercedes Quintero Martínez  & Andy Hohenner) from the upcoming Quality Sense Conference in Uruguay on Dec 9th. Many of the sessions taking place cover Performance and SRE-related topics.

I had planned on being there myself, but I have other commitments I need to honor, BUT it’s not too late for you. After listening to this episode to the end, go to and register for free to attend this conference in person or watch it online. Discover more about OpenTelemetry, performance testing, measure and metrics, Chaos Engineering, and more.

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