Performance Testing From User Perspective with Jacek Okrojek

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About this Episode

On most modern websites, performance testing measurement focuses on collecting information only about the performance of the lower layers of an application. But what about metrics from a user's perspective? In this episode, Jacek Okrojek from TestArmy will share his approach to obtaining information about UI metrics, which are critical from the user's perspective. Don’t miss it!

About Jacek Okrojek

Jacek Okrojek

Jacek Okrojek’s foundation of technical expertise stems from hands-on developing, testing along with team-leading. As a consultant, he was a part of various test teams and was involved in testing all software lifecycle stages. He builds extensive experience while testing critical functions of a real-time system, which is GSM, financial platforms and also web and desktop applications. Understanding principles of quality assurance, proven by the ISTQB certification, gives him a solid background for the Test Team Leader and Test Manager roles.

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Jacek Okrojek

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