46% AI Productivity Surge: Redefining Security, Geo-Targeting, and More! TGNS83

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About This Episode:

Who reported a 46 percent productivity gain from an AI coding experiment?

What is Test Automation Infra as a Service?

Did you get the latest version of Playwright?

Find out in this episode of the Automation in DevSecOps New Shows for the week of June 4th. So, grab your favorite cup of coffee or tea, and let's do this.

Time News Title Rocket Link
0:17 Applitoools FREE Account Offer https://applitools.info/joe 
0:35 Test Automation infra as a service https://testguild.me/77fs6t
1:11 Playwright 1.33 & 1.34 is out https://testguild.me/ofsup4
1:47 Root Cause Analysis (RCA) https://testguild.me/us28ru
2:35 How To Test GEOLocators On Real Devices https://testguild.me/sa0ops
3:48 46% productivity gain from AI coding experiment https://testguild.me/in0lt6
4:56 TestGuild Book Update Almost 800 copies https://testguild.me/e5ao09
6:07 GUIDE TO GENERATE COOL GRAPHS AFTER K6 RUN https://testguild.me/x1bvj4
7:01 Catch data issues during CI, not in production https://testguild.me/su3w5s
7:57 CrowdStrike Generative AI in Security https://testguild.me/y5kj8i
8:54 New Relic Launches Amazon Security Lake Integration https://testguild.me/08sb3k

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Links to News Mentioned in this Episode


[00:00:00] Joe Colantonio What is test automation info as a service? Did you get the latest version of Playwright and who reported 46% productivity gains from an AI coding experiment? Find out in this episode of the Automation and DevSecOps News Show for the week of June 4th. So grab your favorite cup of coffee or tea and let's do this.

[00:00:17] Are you looking to take your automation projects to the next level? Look no further than Applitools and their Visual AI Validation testing platform. Trust me, it is a game-changer. Plus, you could try it out yourself by creating a free account. Just click on the special link down below in the first comment and see the difference for yourself.

[00:00:35] Our first automation news item is by Eli, who recently discussed the future of test automation infrastructure. So Eli takes a deep dive into this approach that marks a significant departure from traditional methodologies evolution of test automation and progress from enterprise tools and light code, heavy tools to treating the Automation infrastructure project as an internal project that requires a roadmap in a vision. And this shift results in separating the infrastructure code-based from the test code base. Eli has a bunch of suggestions on how this could be accomplished. This must-read blog post. You can check that out in the first comment down below.

[00:01:11] I was actually out last week, so a lot of these articles are from the week I missed, and so one of these articles was how Playwright 1.3 and 1.34 has been released. I highly recommend you check the full video of the release but Playwright, introduce a bunch of different enhancements such as Refined UI mode, showcasing steps, pictures, and attachments as a tear-down property for better resource management after project completion. They introduce reconfiguration export instances via the export method. It did things like enhance output handling in the also cover things of the 1.33 released like the web first assertions.

[00:01:47] I also came across an article a few weeks ago on root cause analysis that's really going to help you with testing efforts as well. This from Brijesh was a thought leader that's been around for a while. It's always promoting a lot of good practices and software testing. And he unveils 9 powerful techniques, he goes over the Fishbone diagram, Pareto Chart, 5 Whys, Fault Tree Analysis, Cause and Effect Analysis, Scatter Diagrams, Control Charts, Process Mapping, and FMEA. Leveraging these tools can uncover the hidden causes behind your thorniest problems from product defects to missing project deadlines, offering pathways to target and create effective solutions for these problems that you uncover with these methods. I highly recommend you check this out as well. Definitely, a must-read you find it down below.

[00:02:35] Gets to any sort of G.P.S. locator on real devices? I found a really in-depth article on how to do this. So this is from Mohammad, who really goes real deep into G.P.S. Geo Locators versus IP Locators, How to test them on real devices, and he explores the role of G.P.S. and IP GEO locators in different scenarios. He has multiple examples. Multiple thought examples. He also, outlines how businesses utilize local services for targeting product delivery and advertisement, and he delves into geo-targeting, goes over geo-fencing, geo-tagging, geo-blocking, localization, and internationalization to provide customer-centric services in this post provides a comprehensive guide on G.P.S. and IP. GEO location testing is in real devices demonstrating the testing processes using Appium on the Lambda Test Cloud Platform and these Geo locator technologies are paramount for testing locator-based mobile applications and websites. And ultimately, aiding and improving customer experiences and business outcomes. That's why you definitely should check it out and leave a comment down below on how this helped you do better. Real device testing.

[00:03:48] Alejandro also posted on LinkedIn a really interesting article on how Westpac sees 46% productivity gains from AI coding experiment that he did. And he writes all about it. The article goes into detail on how they gained that 46% productivity boost during the AI coding experiment within its growth lab function. I guess they did an experiment with software engineers that use generative AI versus ones that didn't and the ones that use generally AI outperform those coding mainly without persistence. And so the AI tools sourced from Microsoft, Amazon, and OpenAI were found to be really beneficial to junior engineers. We're seen as a freeing up time for experienced coders focusing on more complex tasks. And so the positive results have sparked excitement within Westpac, with plans to incorporate the AI tools into their internal engineering platform, the mesh. So if this sounds exciting to you, just curious to know if you've tried this as well. Maybe it's something you could take into your own company and see if this experiment works the same for you, and if it does, let us know your results in the comments down below.

[00:04:56] And I just want to give a big shout-out to everyone that supported me last week on my book launch, my new book on automation awesomeness. And just in the first week, we've seen almost 800 copies of automation awesomeness fly off the virtual shelves. I give away 100 paperback versions at QA or the highway, which is also the first time I ever gave a keynote, which went okay, I guess. I don't know. I haven't heard much feedback, but I assume it went okay. No one threw any tomatoes at me, so that was good. I'm also thrilled to announce a milestone of hitting number one in multiple Amazon categories, including software testing and this achievement really got me really excited. The only goal we didn't hit is I want to get at least 50 reviews in the first week and were stuck at 9 reviews. So hopefully, everyone I gave a free copy to QA or the highway will be honest with you and everyone else that downloaded it. Should this have 10% that able to give a review based on that I should be able to hit 50. So than you everyone but 9 that gave a review, if you haven't already. Please do me a solid and give a review and push your automation comma. And thank you everyone for helping make this book launch a huge success. I really appreciate it. And if you still haven't gotten your copy, you can find it in the link down below.

[00:06:07] I found an article on a guide to generate cool graphs after a K6 run as well. This was posted by Millan and he posted to an article that goes over how to generate cool graphs after a K6 run, and it's by Rory Crickmore, And Rory addresses the problem of analyzing K6 load test outputs. Despite K6 popularity for its ability to export test results in various formats, it falls short in its built-in capabilities for graphing for local runs. This guide navigates you through a three-step process involving the conversion of K6 CSV outputs into JMeter-compatible files with Python 3, and then plotting those results in a meaningful graph by a JMeter. And this approach hopefully will help enable more in-depth performance insights and issue identification before deploying applications. So a great addition to the community. Thank you, Rory, for that.

[00:07:01] I also discovered a new tool I think you're going to enjoy. It's how to catch data issues during CI not in production, and so in a significant move towards proactive data observability, Grai launched its public beta on the product last week. It's an open-source tool and it aims to identify bugs before they enter the production stage. So using different approaches, Grai offers insights into the impacts of changes on your data stack and ensures version control. So it features included data lineage specification, prebuilt connectors for automatic metadata synchronization, centralized data test to help integration, self-hosting capabilities for complete data, and hosting control. So it looks like a really promising solution for full control over data and hosting that's going to help you better with observability before we get to production.

[00:07:51] So great move. Definitely check out that tool and you can find it in the first comment down below.

[00:07:57] So speaking of generative A.I., CrowdStrike rolled out new capabilities that are going to help companies more effectively respond to breach attempts. We've seen this a lot in functional automation, but how about in security? So let's check out this article. In this article goes over how CrowdStrike is a major cybersecurity provider, and it launched a new feature to bolster security responses, including integration, Amazon Web services, and cybersecurity Chat bot Charlotte AI using AWS Artificial intelligence models. Charlotte AI simplifies various cybersecurity tasks, identifying vulnerabilities and providing remediation advice. Quickly highlighted potential threats and reduced the need for administrative assistance. Charlotte AI aims to make cybersecurity more accessible to users of all skill levels. So really a great development in security leveraging generative AI. I'd like to see it myself, so definitely check it out. Also, let me know your thoughts.

[00:08:55] And our final article goes over how New Relic launched an Amazon security lake integration. So New Relic also enhanced security oversight with its latest integration with Amazon security lake, providing a holistic view of security data across the multiple AWS accounts and regions. And this integration simplifies the daunting task of monitoring complex systems by centralizing the analysis of logs from various sources now with a single data stream, tracking security vulnerabilities, network traffic, and operational issues for a more efficient and insightful using this approach with this new added using New Relic, definitely, something you should check out as well.

[00:09:35] For links to everything we covered in this News episode. Head over to the links in the first comment down below. And while you're there, make sure to check out our awesome sponsor Applitools Free Account offer and discover how to take your automation testing to the next level Leveraging Visual AI. So that's it for this episode of the Test Guild News Show, I'm Joe, and my mission is to help you succeed in creating full-stack end-to-end pipeline automation awesomeness. As always, test everything and keep the good. Cheers.

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