How ChatGPT Impacts Automation, Performance, and Security Testing TGNS69

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Are you curious about the potential impact of OpenAI ChatGPT on automation, performance, and security testing? Tune in to this episode of the Automation in DevSecOps New Shows for the week of Dec 11th. We'll explore the latest developments and discuss what they mean for the future of testing. So grab your favorite cup of coffee or tea and join us for an informative and enlightening discussion.

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0:30 Create a FREE applitools account
1:48 OpenAI: Three ways it can help software testers
2:37 ChatGPT Real World Experience
3:36 James Bach take on ChatGPT
4:07 Cypress, Playwright, Selenium, or WebdriverIO Webinar
4:51 7th Annual Automation Guild 2023 Registration Open
5:16 ChatGPT Rap Video about Automation Guild
7:57 Performance Testing Kafka Using Gatling
9:02 How ChatGPT is changing cybersecurity


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Test Guild News Show Feature