DevOps Roadmap, Automation ROI and More! TGNS63

By Test Guild
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About This Episode:

What can E2E Automation suites learn from Production applications?
How do you Measure the Effectiveness and ROI of automation in testing?
Want a DevOp Roadmap? Find out about these and other end-to-end full pipeline DevOps, software testing, automation testing, performance testing, and security testing in 10 minutes or less in this episode of the test guild news show for the week of Oct 23rd So grab your favorite cup of coffee or tea, and let's do this.

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Links to News Mentioned in this Episode

Time News Title Rocket Link
0:25 Create a FREE Applitools Account
0:48 2 new products from Tricentis
2:08 What E2E Automation suites can learn from Production applications
3:09 Selenium Grid on EKS and Scaling
4:23 headlamp is the augmented reality” tool
5:20 Applitools – Testing & Automation: Measuring Effectiveness and ROI
5:58 DevOps roadmap
7:00 Datadog introduces new continuous testing platform
7:39 Performance Testing Tips for Peak Traffic
8:36 Researchers anticipate third wave of attacks exploiting Zimbra vulnerability



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