Cypress TDD, Observability, Chaos, and More! TGN60

By Test Guild
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About This Episode:

Why does observability matter for testers?

How can TDD with Component Testing take your front-end engineering to the next level?

Do you have a GitHub account – if so, you may have been hacked?

Find out about these and other end-to-end full pipeline DevOps, software testing, automation testing, performance testing, and security testing in 10 minutes or less in this episode of the test guild news show for the week of Sep 25th.

So grab your favorite cup of coffee or tea, and let's do this.

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Links to News Mentioned in this Episode


Time News Title Rocket Link
0:25 Create a FREE Applitools Account
0:51 Katalon AI  Quality Management Platform
2:27 TDD with Component Testing
2:56 Why live monitoring should be a testers best friends
3:42 release of Micro Focus UFT One
5:01 Why observability matters for testers
5:50 I’ll be at star west
6:44 Low-Code vs. No-Code Webinar
7:03 Chaos engineering startup Steadybit
8:03 GitHub accounts are being stolen by fake CircleCI accounts
8:46 StackHawk Expands API Security Testing Suite


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