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Welcome to the Test Guild News Show For the week of July 25.

A show dedicated to helping you kick off your week right with all the latest in automation testing, performance & SRE testing, security testing, and DevOps-related news and updates that you need to know for this week.

So grab your favorite cup of coffee or test, and let's do this!

First up at Automation Guild. So I was on Facebook and I noticed that Oren Rubin posted that Testim just announced that starting a few days ago. Testim is free for all small start-ups, maximum of 20 people. So companies with fewer than 20 employees can get the Testim Automate professional plan for free. And if you're qualified, you get the professional plan features along with 1000 monthly cross-browser grid runs and unlimited local runs. The professional plan includes advanced features like API, testing, email validation, pull requests, and test statuses that's important to scale up your application.

I actually interviewed Oren and Maor from Microsoft a few weeks ago on my TestGuild podcast about the need for tools that actually sit on top of open source solutions like Selenium or Appium to help you scale up your automation efforts easily. And one of the tools that Maor actually mentioned they use at Microsoft is Testim. So definitely check out this free plan. And see if it applies to you.

And to learn more about TestOps and how tools like them can help you, definitely check out either my interview with Oren Rubin and Maor on my podcast. Just head over to or I also created a blog post on What Is TestOps? so I'll have a link to all these in the show notes down below.

Also, the folks from Checkly are back on the news show with the release of a major upgrade of their headless recorder and opensource chrome extension that lets you generate playwright and puppeteer scripts easily without coding. I think I saw this announcement on product hunt,.

The headless recorder is a free and open-source Chrome extension that records your browser interactions and generates either playwright or puppeteer's scripts without coding. So can easily record, copy and run your scripts for testing, monitoring or scraping. Cool stuff there. And once again, it's free. And once again I interviewed the folks from Checkly, as well as my Test Guild Automation podcast. So to learn more about Checkly and monitoring and the headless recorder that that's being featured on ProductHunt. All you need to do once again is go to Good stuff there, and once again, it's a free solution, you can try right now.

In other news, not sure if you consider it automation-related. I found it interesting is that Microsoft has announced that the July 20 21 release will have a Python extension for Visual Studio Code. So if you head on over to the marketplace, you can download that extension now. And I don't know why. It just seems like a lot of people are using the Visual Studio Code as an IDE for automation testing code more and more lately. So a lot of people that use JavaScript have been using it and now it looks like Python is being added to the fold as well. So definitely if you like Python, if you like visual studio, then definitely check out Python with the extension for Visual Studio Code.

And finally, in Automation Guild, as we've been talking about the past few weeks, is AI in automation. Just saw this article on the shift from continuous testing to autonomous A.I.-driven test automation goes into a little detail. So it goes over why artificial intelligence and machine learning have transformed almost every sector that's been utilized in the testing industry, as we've talked about, is really no exception to this. We've always talked about the importance of continuous testing for Agile and DevOps. But if you've been trying to do continuous testing for a while, you can know it's not really easy due to many factors like siloed automation, lack of end-to-end, visibility of requirements, the high-end volume of tests, and a bunch of other things. And so that's why they're making the case for why AI for continuous testing is going to be a thing. And it just goes over different ways of how it can actually help change testing in the different areas. It can help accelerate your testing efforts.

All right, performance and site reliability news it was a slow week. I didn't see much come in my way. And also, just so you know, if you have any news you'd like to be featured on the show, all you need to do is drop me an email at So the piece of performance testing news that caught my attention this week was on LinkedIn from Floyd Moodily and the business value proposition of performance engineering. It's a cool, quick article that goes over why performance engineering is so important in how software scales and complexity companies really recognize more and more the importance of performance. Engineering and testing are really essential parts of the DevOps process and how you can use performance not only for speed for other areas of software testing. It's really round out your performance engineering efforts. Really good read. So definitely give it a read. I think it's well worth your time.

And last but not least, we have security news. All right, so I kind of dropped the ball on this. I don't know why he didn't mention it a few weeks ago, but you still have time if you're watching this before 11:00 a.m. Eastern Time on Monday, DevSecOpsDays is actually happening all online this year. And you can get a ticket either by donating or a free ticket by registering now. And like I said if you catch if you're catching this before Monday, July 26, before 11 a.m., I definitely would go ahead and register for this free event. There's a lot of awesome speakers here. And if you don't know, but I usually run a SecureGuild conference every year. But this year I didn't have time. And plus, I'll be honest, wasn't a lot of demand. So if this is something your interested in if you missed Secure Guild, you should definitely check out DevSecOpsDays. A lot of Guild speakers will be there as well. So we have Andreas Grabner speaking and also and also Hasan Yasar, both of them have presented at past Guild events. So def check out this awesome lineup and learn more about why devSecOps is so important for your security and software development practices.

And finally, and security news I'm really excited about this announcement. Not sure how many of you are testing IoT-type devices? A new standard has actually been posted for testing IoT-type devices. So the ETSI Committee on Methods for Testing and Specifications has recently completed the first set of seven standards, addressing the testing of IoT. MQTT And CoAP protocols and the Foundational Security IoT profile. What's really cool is these new standards help fill the gaps for the quality assessment of some of the most relevant communication protocols and system requirements of today's industrial IoT systems using standardized testing techniques from ETSI. And so it provides an overall test suite structure and catalog of test purposes. For the constraint application protocol. It could serve as a reference for both client-side test campaigns and server-side test campaigns, as well as performance issues, security issues, and performance issues as well. I really think this is good news for the testing community. As IoT devices become more and more the norm. How do we test them? Standards are usually a good way to get started, to find a way to make sure you're focusing on the right things.

So that's it for security news. And if you have any other news you'd like me to share in upcoming episodes, send me an email at So that's it for this episode of the Test Guild news show. I'm Joe and my mission is to help you to succeed by creating end-to-end full stack automation awesomeness.

As always, test everything and keep the good. Cheers!


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