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Welcome to the Test Guild News Show For the week of July 18.

A show dedicated to helping you kick off your week right with all the latest in automation testing, performance & SRE testing, security testing, and DevOps-related news and updates that you need to know for this week.

So grab your favorite cup of coffee or test, and let's do this!

Automation Testing News

First up, kind of automation-related it actually covers everything automation, security, site reliability.

Dropbox career framework

And it is the post on the Dropbox career framework that I saw recently. So this is an engineering framework that was created by Dropbox. And what I think is interesting about this framework is that it's going to allow you, regardless of what organization you're working out, I don't know if you have to go through a self-assessment at the end of the year to see if you can get a raise or something.

And a lot of times I never knew what to write or how to how to grade myself or what objectives to have. And so this framework could actually help you in that way. It also can help you if you're just trying to see where you fit in your career, how you can get better. And so you want to get hired by other companies say in Silicon Valley or something.

A lot of these companies copy one another. So this framework probably would apply not just to Dropbox, but pretty much any other organization. So if you're trying to just kind of measure how you're doing in your career, what things you need to work on, how you can get better to get a raise or to get a promotion. This framework actually probably can help you and it helps you in multiple different ways.

So if you're looking to excel in quality engineering or software testing, there are different ways to look at different levels of what they think you should be responsible for at each level.

So if you say, hey, I think I should be a staff quality assurance engineer of the highest level here, you can see what key behaviors that you define as someone that exhibits these types of behaviors that actually deserve the title of staff quality assurance engineer.

Things that could be measured against this and give you some things are key behaviors that you could show your company to demonstrate that you actually deserve a raise or a promotion.

Selenium Driver for Shell

So I just find a new Selenium WebDriver that I'm really excited about. And don't know if you ever want to run Selenium from an executable or a batch file or shell script and you try to figure out how to do it, now, you don't have to worry.

There's actually a Selenium WebDriver binding for Shell Scripts, which is really cool. So I'll have a link to this in the show notes. But if you go to GitHub and type in Selenium.sh, You'll find the repository for the Selenium WebDriver binding for Shell Scripts Browser animation made possible with Bash.

So I'm really excited about this. I love being able to write things from a bash fire or an executable and this is an awesome way to actually do it, to get rid of repetitive tasks that you have to manually do.

You can just do this by starting a batch file and having it run for you and it has pretty good documentation.

So definitely check it out. Also, show some love to the creator on all the social media and give them a big thank you for this awesome contribution to the open-source community.

Ultra-fast Grid for native mobile test automation

And for some reason actually failed to mention this a few weeks ago Adam Carmi, one of the co-founders of Applitools, announced a few weeks ago that Applitools has just launched an early preview program for the ultra-fast test cloud that actually works now with native and hybrid iOS and Android devices.

So if you're doing any type of mobile testing, you know how hard it is to test it against all the things, all the devices really quickly. This ultrafast grid is unbelievable. You have to see it to believe it. How fast you could test against all the different OSs and the different configurations really quickly so you can find all kinds of visual validation bugs in minutes.

Top six figure remote careers

Alright, in DevOps news. I just saw a new report on the top 10 careers and guess what made the list? Let's take a look. So this is from the Washington News Day. Top 10 paying jobs, remote jobs that pay more than $100000 or more.

I don't know how anyone can go back to work in the office anyway. I always have worked remotely for the past 14 years. I would never go back into the office. But anyway, here are some jobs you can actually make more than 100000 working remotely. And what I thought was interesting is DevOps engineering made the list.

So look at the annual salary and you can take a look at the other jobs also. But this one really caught my eye because I think it's kind of cool to be able to work remotely, make more than six figures and do something with automation.

So check that out if you're interested in a career in DevOps definitely a skill you should have because if you feel as strongly as they do about working remotely, it seems like it's one of the jobs that actually allows you to work remotely.

Top Programming Languages

So a lot of times I get asked the question, hey, Joe, what language should I learn to learn about automation?

A lot of times I answer, use the language. You want to learn that you have the most fun with that you're most comfortable with.

But a lot of times the answer might be to learn the same language that your developers are using.

So that you could speak the same language as your developers are.

So this is an interesting insight by JetBrains.

Recently did a survey and the top languages the developers are using. And here's what they found out.

So no surprise here. JavaScript is the most widely used language.

And I also thought was interesting is.

Python is more popular than Java in terms of overall use, and Java is more popular as a main programing language.

And some other languages that also in the running as well.

So once again, if you're looking to expand your skills, a lot of times you may look at what's the most popular language because a lot of times that's going to be in most job descriptions that you see. So if you don't know JavaScript, I highly recommend you probably just learn it. But then again, there's something to be said about learning a niche so that maybe you're one of the only people that know it. So maybe you could be like the king or queen of COBOL because maybe there are only one or two job openings in COBOL, but you would own that particular space.

So depending on where you want to go, if you want to learn where everyone else is doing in case there's a job opening, most likely what's in demand is what's the most popular. Or you can go the other way and go niche and do what everyone else is not doing and become an expert at that and cutting off just a little piece of the pie just for you to really excel in because you want the only people that really are an expert in that.

So go either way. But this report will give you some kind of roadmap to see which language you should focus on.

Performance Testing and Site Reliabiliy Engineer

Next up, let's dive into some performance and site reliability news items I found around the Web as well. Rebecca Clinard actually posted this a few days ago on Splunk – real user monitoring and really cool article by Shashwat Sehgal on the past, present, and future of real-time monitoring, why and how it's evolved over the years, why it's important now what it can do to help you, especially.

Observability, which is one of the top buzzwords I've been hearing more and more about in the past year or so. And so if you're using Splunk or using a similar tool, definitely check out real user monitoring to help you with Observability.

So speaking of observability, I also found another article of how AI and Observability Platforms forms are going to alter DevOps economics, Interesting insight into how AI. If you're using test automation, you're probably hearing about AI.

I think it actually more applicable to things like performance or so reliability because it's able to dig into all these logs and monitoring type things and give you some insights so you probably wouldn't be able to do it manually because it's thousands of thousands of different things. And using machine learning can kind of bucket things together and actually bubble up some really good insights based on machine learning using AI.

AiOps in DevOps

And so, as the article mentioned, I definitely agree that two things are really going to help accelerate better. DevOps practices. The first is Observability Platforms and more and teams are going to start to use and also are machine learning algorithms that are starting to be implemented that infuse AI, otherwise known as AiOPS. So I have a link to this article as well. So you get a little more insight into that. Also.

I'm always kind of intrigued when I see machine learning how it's been applied to technology. Obviously, it's going to be something we're going to see more and more of and kind of excited to see how it's going to evolve in the DevOps space.

So I probably should name this episode DevOps and more, because I keep finding a lot of articles this week on DevOps. And here's another one.

So, you know, we saw how DevOps is going to be one of the top ten careers for remote workers. If you want to make more than a hundred thousand dollars, it's definitely a demand for it. So that's one thing we looked at.

We also looked at how AI and DevOps are going to come together to help you with Observability and really accelerate DevOps practices leveraging machine learning.

So if it's a skill you think, oh, I want to learn more about, how can I learn more about DevOps? Because it seems like it's a growing area, something I'm interested in.

Site Reliability Engineer Certification

The DevOps Institute actually just announced a site reliability engineering certificate and a lot of times if you look at certificates, you don't necessarily need to take a certificate, but you can also use it as a syllabus to see, OK, what's this certificate saying? Someone that is a site reliability engineer should know and you can do some self-study or you can actually just take the certification also and learn it that way. So I'll have a link to this in the show notes as well, but it also goes over some of the benefits of obtaining an SRE practitioner certification. So like I said, a lot of times, what I'll do is I'll just go look at the description of the certification and see what they're teaching.

And if you're just into self-study, you may want to take these objectives and just learn on your own. If for some reason you're down on certifications you don't feel like taking or investing money, you still can find out what the syllabus is and what areas are there you could focus on to learn more about. Site reliability, engineering, or any type of certification for sure.

So that's a little hack for you if some reason you don't feel like buying a certification or putting the time. You also do some self-study by looking at the core objectives of the course itself or the certification itself.

13 Critical Website Metrics for Performance Testing

So in performance testing, related news, or performance engineering news, I found a good article. It's been updated a few weeks ago on the 13 critical website performance metrics you should be monitoring. I was really helpful or breaks down. Each one explains what it is.

So there's a nice breakdown of some of the thirteen metrics themselves, what they mean, and what some examples around each one also. And I think it's something if you're doing any type of performance testing. If you're concerned about performance from a user perspective. Here are some metrics you definitely should know about. So check out that article as well.

Security Testing News

Next up, security news. So I am still amazed that how many applications are affected by a SQL injection? It's been on the OWASP top ten forever, and yet we still have applications that are affected by it. If you're a tester, should be one of the things you definitely should be doing, and that is testing for a SQL injection.

And this actually impacted me, it probably impacted a lot of folks that have blogs, I use WordPress and as you could see, WordPress recently announced that. So it had a critical injection vulnerability for Woocommerce and it explains what exploit was and why it was a critical issue.

And as I mentioned, if you go to the OWASP top 10, the first one you actually see is injection. So if you click on injection, it talks more about these types of threat agents, attack vectors, security weaknesses and the impacts it has.

It also shows how to check your application is vulnerable to these types of attacks and how to prevent injection issues in your application. So if you're a tester, there is no excuse why you shouldn't be doing these types of common security tests even if you don't have the security in your title.

I think OWASP is a great resource you should know about and a cool technique that you should be doing as part of any test plan for any application. You may be testing.

Free Security Courses

And talking about security testing, how to learn more about security. This other tip came my way through Dr.Jared DeMott's post. And so if you click on the link, it takes you directly to the open security training 2 sites and the different learning paths and the classes that are available right now for free. Cool stuff. Definitely. Check that out.

It's a good free resource for learning security testing to help avoid not only SQL injection but all the other types of security-related issues you need to know about as you're developing software quicker, faster to make sure you find it before you get in the hands of your users.

If you have any news you like me to share with anyone on upcoming news shows, all you need to do is drop me an email at news@testguild.com.

So I'm Joe. And as always, my mission is to help you succeed in creating end-to-end full-stack testing awesomeness.

As always test everything and keep the good.


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