6 Billion Dollar Testing, Code Coverage Danger and More TGNS56

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What test tool company was just acquired for 6 billion dollars?

Is setting code coverage dangerous?

And 97% of software testing pros are using automation. Are you?

Find out the answers to these and all other and full pipeline DevOps software testing, automation testing, performance testing, and security testing in 10 minutes or less in this episode of the Test Guild new show for the week of August 28th. So grab your favorite cup of coffee or tea, and let's do this.

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This episode of the TestGuild News Show is sponsored by the folks at Applitools. Applitools is a next-generation test automation platform powered by Visual AI. Increase quality, accelerate delivery and reduce cost with the world’s most intelligent test automation platform. Seeing is believing, so create your free account now!

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Links to News Mentioned in this Episode

Time News Title Rocket Link
0:25 Create a FREE Applitools Account https://rcl.ink/xroZw
0:49 Curiosity SDLC https://testguild.me/w690y0
0:55 WebdriverIO https://testguild.me/ik9ctd
2:29 Don't set Code Coverage goals. It's DANGEROUS. https://testguild.me/ed9nl0
3:23 Micro Focus Point of View – Model-Based Testing https://testguild.me/p6a69l
3:59 OpenText to Acquire Micro Focus International plc https://testguild.me/day3b2
5:10 Report: 97% of software testing pros are using automation https://testguild.me/a9q3m1
6:21 How to perform JSON Schema Validation using Rest-Assured? https://testguild.me/gzc5wn
7:16 How to use Resilience Hub’s Fault Injection Experiments https://testguild.me/j91ksm
8:19 Hunting Down System Interrupts https://testguild.me/avymps
8:52 ThreatX https://testguild.me/00hxo4




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