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About This Episode:

What tool now allows you to run tests without writing a single line of code using a new Chrome extension?
Want to discover a shocking way to learn JavaScript?
And how do you avoid DevOps burnout? A surprise answer will be revealed.

Find out the answers to these and all other full pipeline DevOps software testing, automation testing, performance testing and security testing in 10 minutes or less.

In this episode of Test Guild new show for the week of August 21st. So grab yourself a cup of coffee, or tea, and let's do this.

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Links to News Mentioned in this Episode

Time Title Link
0:28 Create a FREE Applitools account
0:50 10.5.0 of Cypress  is out
1:17 Playwright and On-demand Test Env
2:05 that Mobot has raised a $12.5M
3:07 Applitools Future of Testing Event
4:03 CircleCI Open Source
4:58 Automation Guild 2023 Survey
5:52 Nightwatch Chrome DevTools Recorder
6:30 Learning JavaScript through load test scripts
7:51 Secure Software Development LifeCycle (Secure SDLC)
8:37 How DevSecOps can curb burnout among app developers


What tool now allows you to run tests without writing a single line of code using a new Chrome extension?

Want to discover a shocking way to learn JavaScript?

And how do you avoid DevOps burnout? A surprise answer will be revealed.

Find out the answers to these and all other full pipeline DevOps software testing, automation testing, performance testing and security testing in 10 minutes or less. In this episode of Test Guild new show for the week of August 21st. So grab yourself a cup of coffee, or tea, and let's do this.

This episode of the TestGuild news show is sponsored by the awesome folks at Applitools. Applitools has a visual validation testing tool that is a must-have for any automation project but don't miss it. Check it out yourself with the free account offer by clicking on the link in the comment down below. And while you're there why not leave a comment, subscribe and get alerted every time I release a new episode?

First up Automation News.

Did you know a new release of Cypress was shipped last week? What does it include? Let's find out. All right. This is by Filip, and he mentions that Cypress 10.50 is now out and includes Angular component testing support, flaky test indicator and Cypress App VUE Component Testing Scuffling cy.state Deprecated in favor of cy current subject and also lots of bug fixes. Thank you once again, Filip for this information.

So in order to scale any automation, I've always found one of the biggest bottlenecks is environment. So if shared environments are holding your testing back, I have a cool webinar that will go over how a company implemented playwright with a solution that will help scale up your environments and manage all this for you. Let's check it out. So this webinar will cover an overview and benefits of on-demand environments. How Tilled used Uffizi and Playright to improve productivity, a Live demo, and a whole bunch more. I like real-world examples of how companies or people implemented different solutions to come up with a great way to help their companies and teams. And here's another one that you can check out. So definitely register for that as well in the first link down below.

Well, in a few months here, I haven't followed the money segment in a while. So here's an article. Follow the Money on a new announcement of how Mobot just raised 12.5 million series A funding to help engineering teams test and ship better products in an increasingly complex physical world. If you haven't checked out Mobot, it's a really cool, unique solution that was actually created by Eden based on or inspired by her frustrations as a product manager, doing way too much manual tapping on a phone tablet. So if you're into robots and automation, this solution actually will automate your mobile experience testing using a robot to actually physically interact with your tablets and phones and other devices by tapping on it to give you a real world experience of how a real user is going to interact with their device. So if you have mobile devices that are critical to emulate what a user is doing, the only way to do it is if someone's actually clicking on it. This is a cool solution that's going to help you automate that. So definitely once again, check that out and let me know what you think.

I'm running an online event on Aug 23 for Applitools on the future of testing APAC, a free virtual event dedicated to promoting excellence in quality engineering. And as always, Applitools has a fantastic lineup and a lot of great sessions that you'll benefit from, like how Hamlet applies to quality strategy testing code.

Testing code without running it? We have an expert panel on Does UX matter in testing automation testing for web application development using Adobe, automating the real user scenarios using multi apps and multi-devices, your future in testing, quality engineering, doing less, doing more, and staying relevant. And it's always a fun time for me. And Applitools knows how to run an awesome event with a lot of great giveaways, cool prizes, and a lot of engaging content. You want to miss it. If you haven't registered, definitely register once again and that first link below.

So I saw this next news article in multiple places. It's a new feature by CircleCI that allows you to use drag and drop configuration for your DevOps workflows, which seems kind of cool. So let's check it out.

So it's a new drag and drop configuration tool called the visual configuration editor for developers, aimed at making it much easier for software engineering teams to orchestrate their workflows visually. And this visual configuration editor is an open source drag and drop node based graphical editor. It's designed to allow software engineers to layout configurations for the automated processes that aid in developing testing and shipping software faster with higher quality and fewer faults. So seems like a cool initiative. It's open source, so there's no reason why you shouldn't check it out. CircleCI. I've heard a lot of good things about it, so if you haven't used it, if you are using it, let me know what your thoughts are in the comment down below.

Do you want an online event that caters to things you're struggling with? Automation. That's why I created Automation Guild, and I can't believe we're a little over six months away from the seventh annual online event. I've been doing this since early 2017 before all these other online events came on board. And the way that makes us unique is we're independent and it's a Guild event, it's attendee-led. So we need to hear from you what you want at this event. And the way to do that is to fill out a very quick survey. And so the survey right here is only like 7 questions. And what this will do will help us find out what topics you want to know about what you're struggling with. We've put a call for speakers up with the topics and titles that you're looking for. The way we know that what you're struggling with is filling out the survey that we do every year really would appreciate your help. So definitely check that out in the first comment down below. Look forward to hearing what we can do to make an awesome event for you.

Did you know you can now run Nightwatch tests without writing a single line of code with a new Chrome extension? According to David Burns! David made this announcement a few days ago. So this Chrome DevTools record is a tool that will allow you to record and replay test actions directly in the browser and also export them as JSON. And it also allows you to measure test performance using this approach. You'll also see step-by-step how to record tests with the chrome dev tools recorder and also how to export the recorded test. A cool initiative by Nightwatch, so definitely check it out and let me know what you think.

Next up, performance and Site Reliability News.

You know how I learned how to program? I started my career as a performance engineer using LoadRunner. The LoadRunner had an editor, and an editor accepted valid ANSI C code. So what I did is I got some books like the absolute programmer's guide to C programming and ANSI C, and I just wrote the examples in the LoadRunner editor. I could run it, see the output, and then incorporate it with my automation performance testing scripts. So we thought this was a cool way to learn to program using it in a real-world scenario, where you're using the tool already. So I found a unique article that does the same thing. Still, how to learn JavaScript through load test scripts and this by the folks at k6, it's by Matt who goes over how to learn JavaScript using k6 in this article, goes over how to get started, what the setup is, how Matt approached learning JavaScript as well, some task and solutions. The base script he used to get started. And he goes over a bunch of different tasks and how he implemented this. So it's about eight different examples, and then he goes over what he learned. So definitely a cool way to learn JavaScript. If you want to learn JavaScript if you want to learn performance testing with K6, here's a unique opportunity to do so, and you can check it out once again in that first comment down below.

Next up, security testing news.

So this next article comes your way via Tanya Janka, one of my go-to resources for security. And it's a link to a post she found on a lightweight approach to implementing security software development lifecycle. So this article goes over different approaches that go over how to implement a secure software development lifecycle reasonably.

So the article goes over what security software lifecycle and the different phases.

Technical design reviews, threat modeling. different steps to follow, different phases. Third-party dependency scanning, penetration testing. So this is chock full of security testing awesomeness. Definitely should check this out.

How can DevSecOps curb burnout among app devs? This next article goes over. This security industry is a pressure cooker teams race to prepare apps for the marketplace. Often having to make difficult, time-consuming decisions that hurt security in the process. And obviously, the result is a constant stress for those who work in DevSecOps. So what is one way to combat burnout? Well, the importance of automation. Everyone knows how I love automation. And this is what I love about this article is how it goes over how automation shines by handling some of the more tedious security processes that many people have been doing manually that burn them out. And the automation doesn't help with everything. It does help with some of the more tedious tasks. So if you're not using automation and its security, you should check out this article.

For links of everything value, we covered in this news up. Head on over to the links in the first comment down below. And while you're there, check out our sponsor Applitools Free Account Offer and discover how to take your automation testing to the next level. Leveraging Visual A.I.

So that's it for this episode of the Test Guild news show. I'm Joe My Mission is to help you succeed at creating Fullstack Pipeline Automation Awesomeness. As always, test everything and keep the good, Cheers!

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