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About This Episode:

Is there an upcoming software testing crisis?
Can you guess what one of the top jobs on Indeed is right now? Want to know some quick ways to scale your E2E Test Coverage? Find about these and other end-to-end full pipeline DevOps, automation testing, performance testing, and security testing in 10 minutes or less in this episode of the test guild news show for the week of July 17th. So grab your favorite cup of coffee or tea, and let's do this.

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0:24 Create a FREE Applitools Account https://rcl.ink/xroZw
0:50 More than a framework https://testguild.me/psa0qv
1:24 Github Actions https://testguild.me/kescjf
2:03 Testing Crisis Survey https://testguild.me/tvi4vd
3:13 Job Market https://testguild.me/zmg1qv
4:10 DevOps Automation  https://testguild.me/4d6z5y
5:08 Scaling E2E Tests https://testguild.me/qq9vsf
5:56 9 tools for Cloud, DevOps and SRE https://testguild.me/5ahp16
6:45 Optimising Docker Performance https://testguild.me/km6ks7
7:20 The 10 top jobs on Indeed https://testguild.me/a9n86w
7:50 BRc4 Attack https://testguild.me/0onx0g
8:51 Datadog’s Acquisition https://testguild.me/yq9f5l


Is there an upcoming software testing crisis? Can you guess what one of the top jobs is on Indeed right now? And do you want to know some quick tips to scale up your end-to-end testing coverage? Find out all answers to these and all other end-to-end full pipeline DevOps automation testing, performance testing, and security testing in 10 minutes or less, in this episode of the Test Guild New Show. So grab your favorite cup of coffee or tea. Let's do this.

The awesome folks at Applitools sponsor this episode of the Test Guild New Show. Applitools, the next generation test automation platform, which is powered by visual A.I., helps to increase quality, accelerate delivery, and reduce cost what I think is the world's most intelligent test automation platform. But seeing is believing so create your free account now by clicking on the link in the first comment down below. And while you're there, why not leave a comment, subscribe, and get alerted every time I release a new episode.

First up, Automation News.

The first article comes your way via LinkedIn from Jason, talking all about much more than a framework. So he starts off by saying there are a lot of acronyms for the same job. So what differentiates QA automation test engineers and MassMutual from those elsewhere in this article breaks it down and talks about what is their FIT Environment? What that's all about? What does it stand for? He has a section on framework and process and what infrastructure and tools they use? What roles are there on his team? Here's one for you if you are looking for a real-world study and how other companies succeed with automation. You can check it out in the first link down below.

A growing trend I've seen more and more of is engineers running their tests in GitHub actions. So this next article is about how to run your UI tests in GitHub actions. So this article shows you how to set up your UI test with Selenium in headless mode in your GitHub actions workflow. So it gives the scenario it actually has code for your Selenium test script, how to set it up so more details with a conclusion, and what things you could do to take it up a notch as well. So just another little quick, insightful article, if you're trying to get up with GitHub actions, you want to get your Selenium test running. Here's a quick start that you can check out.

So this next article is kind of eye-opening. It's a result of a survey recently by Leapwork, how 85% of U.S. CEOs could be leaving their business open to reputational and financial risk by releasing insufficiently tested software. Why? Of that 85% of CEOs, why do they think this is possible to release software that has been adequately tested? Is so long as it's patch-tested later. 79% of testers say that up to 40% of software goes to market without sufficient tests. While CEOs and testers understand the consequences of releasing software that has not been properly tested, an alarming number still think it's acceptable to issue it and prefer to rely on patch testing afterward to fix any problem. This often comes down to thinking there is no viable option and choosing speed over stability. But what is really more concerning is there is an apparent disconnect between CEOs and the developer teams, indicating that testing issues are falling under the radar and have not been escalated until it's too late. And you can check this all out in the first link down below.

So you probably been hearing a lot of doomsday people talking about how the economy's about to think? How is inflation rising? And how a lot of people are going to start losing jobs. But this following article, although somewhat negative, actually is good news for testers and automation engineers. All right. So at the beginning of this year and the end of last year, there was an all-time peak for that, for people with tech skills. But this next article talks about how there's a growing trend that demand is cooling down. But what really caught my attention was in June, REC Members Agency said automation, testing, development, software engineering, technical, digital, and I.T. were the computer contracting skills in the most demand and the shortest supply. So even though it does become a tight market for jobs, you know if you're an automation engineer or a tester, you still have the skills you need to succeed in any type of environment.

So this next article and how using DevOps automation is going to be even a more extensive skill that's going to be in demand to help combat the DevOps workforce shortages that we talked about in that other survey that we went over. But some key takeaways are the current industry demand for DevOps engineering outstrips supply, meaning that 75% of future DevOps initiatives could remain unstaffed. DevOps tasks that automation should replace include security operations, deployments, continuous delivery helped with QA testing in Continuous Integration with proper execution, automation tools, and products can help significantly reduce developer workloads. There's a lot in DevOps that could be done and automated. That doesn't necessarily apply specifically to functional automation. If you're not doing that type of automation besides functional automation, your team will be in trouble. And this article just points out some areas why that is the case.

And talking about DevOps killing test coverage, they have an excellent resource for you this Wednesday. So hopefully, you're watching this as soon as I release it. But if not, you can watch it on demand it is a webinar on scaling end-to-end test coverage in the era of DevOps. 76% of organizations are undergoing DevOps adoption includes speeding up throughput and releasing frequently. Still, at the same time, expectations for great customer experiences are also increasing, with over 32% of users leaving brands after their first poor interaction. This puts a spotlight on testing and testers and how we deliver quality software while moving at the speed of DevOps. So definitely register for that event, and I hope to see you there.

Next up, performance and Site Reliability News.

So we talked about how there's a demand for people with automation skills, how there's going to be a shortage in DevOps, and how automation plays a significant role in helping you with things beyond just functional automation. So what are some tools you can use to help you with your DevOps, Cloud, and SRE initiatives? Well, I found the perfect resource for you on a curated list of nine excellent free and open source tools coming to you via LinkedIn from our friend Unmesh. So I've mentioned Unmesh so many times at this new show, but if you haven't already, I highly recommend giving them a follow because he's constantly posting up tons of goodness. And here's just the latest one. List out nine must-know tools that are free and open source, and this is all on LinkedIn. So a great resource again, Unmesh, and thank you, so definitely check this out and have it in the first comment below.

So another pain point that seems to be increasing as we try to develop software quicker and faster and scale up all these environments to handle all the tests is how to optimize our Docker containers for performance. So this next article is all about optimizing Docker performance and four techniques you need to know. This is by Joel Belton, and it goes over four essential techniques you need to know to help with their Docker performance, which includes unnecessary files. What should go into your Docker ignore file? How to use the multistage build. So if you're looking to help and increase the performance of your Docker, here are four quick things you can try.

So we've covered a lot in this episode about jobs, things in demand, and skills in demand. Here's another one from Indeed on a survey of the top jobs in 2022. So let's take a look at some of the results. So these top jobs ranked from 1 to 20 based on employer demands. And interestingly enough, the third top job from Indeed in 2022 of all the jobs possible is Site Reliability Engineering.

Next up, Security Testing.

So I don't know why I always find this fascinating. It's when people take a tool that's supposed to help you with testing like Penetration Testing and then turn it around to do malicious behavior. So first off, I learned about a new tool called Brute C4 Customize Command and Control Center for Red Teams and Adversary Simulations. I'm always down to learn about new tools, but unfortunately, although this could be used for good, it is been used for malicious purposes. The article talks about how it's apparent that some cybercriminal gangs are making use of more advanced penetration and attack simulation tools that previously were only available to nation states are still in the early days as far as the use of BRC4 is concerned. But cybersecurity teams should expect to see many more sophisticated attacks that leverage BRC4 in the months ahead, cybersecurity teams should immediately start scanning for indicators of compromise involving BRC4.

So this next article is about Datadog. So Datadog has just acquired Hdiv security. So Hdiv security is a leading security testing software provider, which fits in nicely with Datadog, who's known as a monitoring and security platform for cloud applications. And here's a crucial statement from this article that combines security and observability, providing Datadog customers unique insights into sensitive services that are vulnerable or under attack. So regardless of use Datadog or not, you still need to include security data as part of your observability kind of data that you're collecting.

All right. For links to everything we value, we covered in this news episode. Head over to the link in the first comment below. While you're there, check out our sponsor Applitools Free Account Offer and discover how to take your automation testing to the next level by leveraging Visual A.I.

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