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About This Episode:

Do you know what, Testing company was recently acquired for $200 million? Are you looking for some RPA KPIs and metrics that you can use now? And what is cloud-native application protection? Find out the answers to these and all other and full pipeline DevOps automation, performance, and security testing in this episode of the TestGuild new show for the week of February 20th. So grab yourself a cup of coffee or tea, and let's do this.

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1. QualityWatcher
2. Testsigma
3. Xray
4. Testim
5. SMTP Testing
7. Future of Testing
8. Shoreline
9. New Relic
10. Deepfactor
11. WhiteSource


[00:01:11] So first up is an announcement for AI new power test case management platform, which helps solve the pain point in quality assurance testing that many testers tell me they're struggling with. So I was really excited to find out is this particular product is actually developed by one of my favorite consulting companies, Quality Works, which is head up by Stacey Kirk. And it looks like they developed a new AI-powered test case management solution, mostly when I see AI on automation it's around a test tool. But this helps you actually use AI-powered test case generation from user stories, so it helps you create seamless, executed test runs, actionable insights in real-time. A bunch of really cool features, so definitely give it a look. If you're looking for a new test case management solution. [00:01:56][44.7]

[00:01:56] Another announcement that really caught my attention was TestSigma has launched an open-source version of their tool called Community Edition for the QA Community, and this really is powerful test automation, a platform for web apps, mobile apps, and APIs, and it's billed to be stable and reliable and helps you build stable and reliable and end test at DevOps. Speed has a lot of cool functionality, and as I mentioned, the open-source version is available on GitHub. So you know me, I love checking out tools and especially if they're open source. So if this is something that sounds interesting to you, definitely check that out in the link down below. [00:02:35][38.7]

[00:02:36] Speaking of open source, if you use Jira and X-ray, this next plugin might be of interest to you. So Xray maven plugin is an open-source plugin for interacting with X-Ray server and data center and cloud and used and CI/CD for assisting in test automation flows such as a reporting test results backed X-Ray and by consequence Jira. [00:02:56][20.5]

[00:02:57] So I was really excited about this next announcement. All my friends at Testim, especially the creator Oren Rubin, which is big, big news if you haven't heard it. So Tricentis has acquired SAS test automation platform Testim for the amount of $200million, so congratulations to the folks at Testim. One of the quotes from this article is that the CEO of Tricentis said that the addition of Testim really expands their already formidable lineup of testing products furthering into SAS in the DevOps space. Testim, if you don't know, introduced its AI technology in 2014. That helps you accelerate application delivery by shortening the time it takes to author tests and automatically improving test troubleshooting tests and handling test diagnostics. So seems like a really good acquisition by Tricentis of really great technology and a great team. There are so once again congratulations Testim for that. [00:03:54][56.3]

[00:03:54] I don't know how many of you actually use GitHub actions, and you have to test SMTP servers for testing email notifications. Well, I found this article on LinkedIn, about how Ummesh actually created something to help you do this type of testing. Umesh created Sendria which is an SMTP server, and it's available now on GitHub. And this could be used as a fake SMTP server to catch and test emails from the application in a testing workflow that offers a super simple web and API interface, a very cool alternative to third-party API or Gmail for testing emails. So really cool solution. Thank you, Umesh for that. [00:04:34][39.7]

[00:04:35] So another LinkedIn article that caught my attention was posted by Trisna on interesting RPA KPIs and metrics that you can use right now. So as you know, RPA is becoming more popular, and a lot of times people don't know exactly how to measure their progress. This article might be for you. Trisna has been posting really cool stuff. I met her. I take out of robot con, and so she puts a lot of cool things on our robot framework and RPA. Really good resource to follow. And this is how I came across this particular article as well. So this article goes over the top RPA KPIs. The metrics for a business, the financials, operational, So if your doing anything with RPA. Once again, you should definitely check out this article and this link will be in the first comment down below. [00:05:18][43.1]

[00:05:19] And I can't believe how time flies, but I'm actually going to be hosting this week on Thursday. Future of testing frameworks by Applitools. This is a full day, jam packed event filled with awesomeness on all kinds of frameworks around Selenium, Cypress, playwright and more with a really great line up. So we're going to have Simon Stuart, Andrew knight. Crystal. Ramona, Pavel, Sara , Rahul, Filip. Nina, we have John Ferguson, Smart John Malik, and of is completely free. So I highly recommend you register for this now. Don't miss it. It's happening this Thursday if you're watching this video the week of February 20th. Hope to see you there. I'll be on 4:00 a.m. Eastern Time, but time zone may work better for you, so definitely check it out for sure. [00:06:11][51.9]

[00:06:12] Next up, Performance in Site Reliability news. [00:06:14][1.9]

[00:06:14] So this next article is about a DevOps startup called Shoreline that brings multicloud internet automation to AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. So this solution was created to help ease the burden of SRE engineers and improve the available ability of cloud hosting. Applications and services in the technology provide real-time fleet-wide interacting debugging and repair with a fluent integration of resources, metrics and Linux commands. The nouns, objectives, and verbs of operations. And after you fixed issue the first time you can rapidly automate using the debug session to create alarms, actions, and bots. So if your and SRE and you're looking for a solution like this, definitely give it a try. I never heard of it, but it sounds like some cool tech that will definitely help you in your day-to-day job. [00:07:00][45.9]

[00:07:01] So those in the performance testing space are probably familiar with New Relic. They actually announced the general availability of a new infrastructure monitoring experience. This solution helps DevOps and SREs and I.T. ops teams to proactively identify and resolve issues in their public, private, and hybrid cloud infrastructure. And it goes on to talk about how detecting, investigating, and resolving infrastructure performance incidents has never been more challenging. That's why they created the solution. And so if you know from last year, observability SRE cloud-based cloud-native type of solutions are becoming more and more popular, and there are different challenges that come up with this type of infrastructure. So it definitely gives us a look if this is a challenge that you have as well. [00:07:43][42.6]

[00:07:44] Next up, security news. [00:07:45][1.1]

[00:07:46] So this next article I found from Deepfactore and what caught my attention was I'd never heard of cloud-native application protection before. So this goes over what is a cloud-native application protection platform, and it just goes onto the detail and the need for this and the future of cloud and app sec and the article just goes on to talk about how the author has observed more customers going through the CNN app journey. So really interesting. Read if you're looking to learn more about what is in general Cloud-native protection platform and if you need it and why you need it, so definitely give that a read also. [00:08:22][36.6]

[00:08:23] So if you follow the news show for any length of time, you know how we like to follow the money, see what kind of companies are acquiring to see where there's probably an indicator of where the market is going in. This next article is about how WhiteHat announces remediation-centric entry into the Saas market and what's really interesting and talks about how they got into the SaaS market was they made two acquisitions. One is from a German-based company that's developed a novel high prediction of SaaS detection technology that's best known for their accuracy. And they also acquired Defense Code, which helps customers provide next generation enterprise-grade SAS capabilities. In this article goes on to talk about how the SAS market is ripe for disruption and talks about how nowadays research studies have shown a large percentage of developers simply don't use the APP Sec security tools that the security teams provide, and they choose speed over security. So these types of tools help give them that secure feedback quicker, faster. [00:09:22][58.2]

[00:09:23] So for links of everything that they were covered in this news episode, make sure to head on over to the links in the very first comment below. And while you're there, make sure to check out our Sponsor Applitools free account offer and discover how to take your automation testing to the next level by leveraging visual API. So click on that link and show Applitools that you found them thru the TestGuild new show. [00:09:43][20.1]

[00:09:43] So that's it for this episode of the TestGuild new show, I'm Joe, and my mission is to help you succeed in creating and full-stack pipeline automation awesomeness, as always, test everything and keep the good, cheers. [00:09:43][0.0]


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