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Hey, want to know an example page where you could find all the scenarios to practice your test automation skills. How do you deploy Jmeter on AWS using TerraForm? And do you know, the adoption of APIs is on the rise? How can you make sure that your security is keeping up with this development? Final answers to these and all other and full pipeline DevOps automation, testing, performance, testing, and security testing in this episode of the Test Guild new show for the week of January 23rd. So give yourself a cup of coffee or tea, and let's do this.

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Links to News Mentioned in this Episode

0:29 Applitools Free Account
1:03 XPath Practice Page
1:42 Applitools win's DevOps Dozen
2:30 Cypress 9.3
3:00 Testcontainers-java 1.16.3 is out!
3:47 Migration to the Cloud
4:35 Reduce Test Failures in CI/CD Pipelines?
5:08 Verica raises $12M
6:08 Automation Predictions:
6:39 Deploy JMeter on AWS using Terraform
7:20 API Security:
8:22  Cisco Security Issue:


[00:01:01] First up, automation news. [00:01:02][1.1]

[00:01:03] I get us all the time. Are there any test websites I can use to help me learn test automation? While the creator of Selectors Hub actually let me know that they created a test page to help you especially figure out how to use XPath with your test automation? So this page allows you to find out how to automate the different types of controls without XPath. So I don't know if I ever mentioned Selectorshub before, but it's a really great plugin. And so if you go to the main page, you can also download the plug-in for your browser as well and also give a follower to the creator. SelectHub Sanjay Kumar, who was a really great resource and tests automation in general. Anyway, so take it, Sanjay, for that resource. [00:01:41][38.4]

[00:01:42] Also, this next news item is all about our awesome sponsor Applitools. This was actually one one of the best testing services and tools in the DevOps dozen. And if you're not familiar with the award, the DevOps Dozen Awards celebrates innovative people and companies whose contributions are of great value to the DevOps community. That's one of the reasons why I love working with Applitools and having them as our sponsor because it's an actual tool that I actually use in my career and one I believe in and I actually love the founders. I met all the founders, the awesome, awesome folks. So it's a tool, and company I believe in. So just some more validation from the community as well. That sees awesome value in Applitools. If you haven't tried them yet, once again, jump the check out your free trial by clicking on that first link in the first comment below. [00:02:29][46.8]

[00:02:30] Also, there seems to be a lot of excitement going on around the introduction to Select File Command, which is new to Cypress nine point three. And so this announcement talks about the new built in way for you to select files in in HTML five input element and similarly drag in files into the browser with the introduction of the Select File Command has some cool examples of how to get started with it in this new command actually replaces what was the Cypress File Upload Community Plugin, and so thank you Cypress for this new feature. [00:02:59][29.8]

[00:03:00] So another tool I've been mentioning a lot on this new show is test containers. They just released a new version for the Java one point sixteen point three and it contains some new features that you need to know about as well. The first one is official support for Selenium 4. this feature, enhancement allows you not to have to log in after starting a container. They also maid changes also in the K3S module to help you test Kubernetes components even better with this latest change allowing you to spin up a k3s lightweight Kubernetes inside of a container. And they mentioned that they believe the k3 hits a sweet spot for ease of use and performance, so it's a good option for testing Kubernetes components. So if you haven't tried testcontainers yet I highly recommend you, check it out and also check out these new features as well. [00:03:46][45.9]

[00:03:47] So in my post on my top predictions for 2022, one of them was how more and more companies are going to move towards the cloud and become cloud native. So this next piece of information actually validates that particular prediction I made earlier this year, and the survey talks about a massive migration to cloud is anticipated based on recent survey results. And it says the shift to the cloud in the wake of COVID 19 is being driven mainly by digital business transformation and initiatives that require applications to be quickly built and managed by I.T. teams now working from home themselves. And with the pandemic entering the third year, a hybrid workforce and the regular shifts between home and office is now permanent. So definitely check that out and other findings from that survey in the link below. [00:04:35][47.8]

[00:04:35] Now, I don't know who's writing the concept for the Thundra blog post, but they always have really cool insights and blog posts on things. I know a lot of people struggle with. This most recent one is that, they wrote, is how to reduce test failures and CI/CD pipelines. In this article goes over these small obstacles making failing Tests go ignored. Failing tests needs to be addressed. how to improve your failing test. Test process, and some other insight that you're going to find valuable. Definitely check that out as well in the link down below. [00:05:05][29.6]

[00:05:06] Next up, Performance and reliability news. [00:05:07][1.6]

[00:05:08] So in my follow the money segment. This next article is how continuous verification company Verica raises $12 million to make systems more resilient. So if you've been into chaos engineering, that's been a trend last year. I see it more as a trend this year as well. This is definitely something to keep your eye on. So this company calls itself a continuous verification company that leans on Chaos engineering techniques to make software and systems more resilient. And as I mentioned, they raised 12 million series a round of funding recently. In one of the key quotes from this article is outages, and instances have become news headlines due to how integral software has become in our day-to-day lives. Given the nature of large-scale complex systems, the operations of these systems don't know if or when things will fail. So these types of platforms allows you to improve the availability and security of your customer's systems through verification that helps engineer teams to better understand the unknown properties of their systems. [00:06:07][59.4]

[00:06:08] And if you go to and look at my predictions for 2022, you'll notice not only this cloud-native on there that I mentioned earlier but also resilience. Testing is also on there. In a lot of times, the way I come up with these predictions is where I see money being invested in. This was way before this particular company raised money, but really cool to see. So far this year, my predictions have been spot on. So if you haven't checked out my predictions for 2022, I'll also have that for a link in the first comment down below as well. [00:06:38][29.6]

[00:06:39] So another resource I mentioned a few times on this new show in the past is Naveen Kumar. He's a performance testing expert. He has a blog post called to aQA Insights, and he posts around performance testing. So I think this next article is really going to help you. It's on how to deploy Jmeter on AWS using TerraForm in this article goes over what the prerequisites are. What is TerraForm? TheAWS set up Jmeter and AWS using TerraForm. With some nice examples? Hands on how to get everything up and running. Like I said, really good resource to follow as well because he produced a lot of great content around performance testing. So there you, Naveen, for this latest post. [00:07:18][39.1]

[00:07:19] Next up, security news. [00:07:20][0.8]

[00:07:20] On past shows. I talked a lot about security and especially the rise of API testing and APIs, especially as we go cloud native. But how do you start thinking about security and the different types of exploits that could happen in your code, in the attack surfaces that you need to defend against? And that's why I want to tell you about a session we're having at this year's Automation Guild happening on February 7th, the 11th. This particular session goes over APIs. Adoption is on the rise, as we mentioned, and how security can keep up. Mukund is going to go over understanding the importance and need of API security and how to start implementing it. I think it's a critical skill all testers should have, especially if you're doing anything with API testing. You need to learn also how to maybe avoid getting hacked and some things you could do right from the beginning while you're testing, while you're developing to make those APIs more secure. So as I mentioned, you're only two weeks away from the sixth annual online event dedicated one perfect to help you succeed creating all things automation testing. If you haven't already head on over to and register today. [00:08:21][60.9]

[00:08:22] In our next article is on Cisco Open Mode and Cisco Mobile Network and software created a critical security hole, so this security risk has been patched. The security update was released on January 19th, and the networking giant said the vulnerability has been resolved in the networking giant, so the vulnerability it has resolved could have allowed unauthenticated remote attackers to disclose sensitive information or execute arbitrary commands as the root user in the context of the configured container. And it goes on to say that this vulnerability exists because the debug mode is incorrectly enabled for specific services, and that makes it so an attacker can exploit this vulnerability by connecting to the device and navigating to the service with the debug mode enabled. So if using Cisco, definitely check out to make sure you get the latest update to avoid getting hacked by this particular issue. [00:09:15][52.8]

[00:09:16] For everything that we've covered in this episode. Head on over to the links. The first comment is down below and while you're there make sure to check out our Sponsor Applitools free account offer and discover how to take your automation testing to the next level, leveraging visual AI. [00:09:29][12.8]

[00:09:30] So that's it for this episode of the TestGuild new show, I'm Joe and my mission is to help you succeed in creating end-to-end full stack automation awesomeness. As always, test everything and keep the good – cheers! [00:09:30][0.0]


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