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Have you tested all your apps to make sure they're still going to work with Internet Explorer 11 when it officially retires in June? Want to know a way to assess early in the software development process the performance of your applications? And did you hear why last week's corruption of widely used libraries in open-source test tools occurred? Find out the answers to these and all other end and full pipeline DevOps automation, testing, performance, testing, security testing, in this episode of the TestGuild new show for the week of January 16. So grab you if you're a cup of coffee or tea, and let's do this.

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Links to News Mentioned in this Episode

Time News Title News Link
00:30 | Free Applitools Account
01:04 | 2021’s Most Popular Programming Languages for UI Test Automation
01:45 | CircleCI is offering a new free CI/CD plan for DevOps teams with more features
02:37 | What Will You Learn This Year?
03:06 | Implementing Remote Software Verification and Validation Using a Real Vehicle
03:55 | New testing tools to help prepare for IE retirement
04:55 | The New Performance Game
05:56 | New NTT Application Security solution helps enterprises improve app testing
06:54 | Open source developer corrupts widely-used libraries, affecting tons of projects
08:39 | Hacker Claims To Have Taken Control Of 25 Tesla Cars Worldwide


[00:01:02] First up, automation news. [00:01:03][1.0]

[00:01:04] So a lot of times we get asked What programing language should I learn for UI test automation? So I found a great webinar resource for you that goes over 2021's most popular programming languages for UI test automation. It also will cover the most popular languages you're going to need to know in 2022 as well. This is actually a free webinar by the folks at Applitools. They will have a really great expert panel that's going to go over different topics and predictions for 2022 and beyond what language you should use in 2022. Anand, it's going to be there. Marie Drake is going to be there, and so is Eran Kinsbrunner as well as Alex. So I have a link to the registration page and the comment down below. [00:01:44][40.7]

[00:01:45] So on my test automation podcast, I hear from a lot of different automation experts. I know one CI system that a lot of experts seem to really enjoy, and that is CircleCI. And I found an article that mentioned that now offering a new free CI/CD plan for DevOps teams that has more features. So the article just mentions that the DevOps platform provide a circle. Internet Services debuted a new free tier for software engineering teams that includes features and capabilities from the only available in the company's paid plan. So I mentioned CircleCI platform provides Continuous Integration into the capabilities for developers and engineers using automated processes to allow for developing and shipping code faster with fewer errors before it goes into production. And just a really cool development. If you're interested in trying out CircleCI, see what it has to offer. Why so many people seem to like it. Here is a great chance to do it now for free. [00:02:36][51.3]

[00:02:37] So Kristin Jackvony, who's actually going to be one of our speakers at this year's Automation Guild, it's only happening three weeks from now if you haven't already registered, definitely head on over to Automation Guild. Com And register for that. She just posted a new blog post that goes over. What should you learn this year? So this post has a lot of great links for different resources that are really going to help you with your automation efforts, such as links to courses, books, recommendations, blogs, conferences. So definitely check that out in the link down below. [00:03:05][28.5]

[00:03:06] So if you want to know how to test autonomous vehicles, well, this next blog post goes over how to implement remote software verification and validation using a real vehicle. If you've done any sort of mobile testing, we used to have these debates on should this be tested a mobile device, a real device, or should it be a simulator or emulator? This is along the same lines, but having to do with cars, which is pretty cool. In the article just goes over how Bosch is doing automated regression testing and user testing using a real car instead of a simulated one because of the reasons why. And it's basically a interview type format where they're going to different questions and how remote testing is done. What have you learned from your test automation journey and other questions that pertain to testing autonomous vehicles remotely? [00:03:53][47.3]

[00:03:55] So I used to work for older companies like insurance companies, health care companies, and a lot of these companies relied on Internet Explorer. So if you're like me, you're probably maybe in a panic now that in a few months, Internet Explorer 11 is going to be officially retired. Are you ready for it? We'll have a great post for you on a new tool that helps you prepare for the IEEE Retirement. Check it out. So this blog post talks about how to configure and test Internet Explorer mode in Microsoft Edge to make sure your business and your users are ready. It's also critical that you start planning to upgrade to Windows 11 and Microsoft Edge, i.e. mode, since it's officially replacing IE 11 on the operating system and cannot be installed on Windows 11. So this is definitely a must, especially if you work for large enterprises. So get ahead of it. Like I said, I think it's a three or five months away, so this is the perfect opportunity to get ahead of this before it's too late. [00:04:52][57.8]

[00:04:53] Next up, performance and reliability news. [00:04:55][1.7]

[00:04:55] So if you're already adopting DevOps, you'd have to start thinking about performance. As a characteristic of your application, and that is making sure it's embedded earlier and earlier in the software development lifecycle and that it's actually baked into your applications. This next article goes over how you can do that. I came across this article on Twitter posted by Christiano and I really just like how he talks about DevOps and observability. Goes into the reasons why this is so important. Goes over performance tools, and he really has a nice example of using Gatling with the Blaze Meter site with some nice code examples. He also has a example of using influx in Grafana. So does this be a great article for anyone that wants to get started with performance testing and how to actually get their hands dirty by rolling up their sleeves and trying an example, using Gatling and a bunch of other technologies that are really, really important nowadays as we move towards DevOps observability type cultures. [00:05:53][57.6]

[00:05:54] Next up, Security news. [00:05:55][0.9]

[00:05:56] So any time I'm doing research for this new show, I always come across tools I've never heard about before. And here's one example I just found a new NTT application security solution that helps enterprises improve app testing. And this platform was designed to leverage developers functional and quality assurance tests to identify exploitable security risk in their web applications and application programming interfaces. For some features includes is developer direct DAS that seamlessly integrates dynamic scans with functional and quality assurance testing and native API testing. So I really like how this is actually built into leveraging your functional tests and adding security on top of it. If you checked out my blog post a few weeks ago, my top predictions for 2022 security testing was one of them and how I think more tools are going to be on the market that's going to help with this. And this is one example of that prediction I made earlier this year. So definitely check that out as well. [00:06:54][58.1]

[00:06:54] So obviously, there's pros and cons of using any type of software, but using open source tools and open source libraries is awesome. However, there are certain vulnerabilities that you open yourself up to. One of them was highlighted in last last week's show when I talked about how a colors.Js and faker.js, which is libraries that many open source testing tools like Cypress and And a bunch of others actually use because those libraries were corrupted, it actually caused vulnerabilities within those open source tools as well. I didn't know why, and so until I saw this post from Kevin Greene on LinkedIn on an open source developer who willingly corrupted a bunch of libraries. So this was a willful intention to do this. Corruption to cause this issue in the article just goes into detail why this happened and said the developer appeared to have purposely corrupted a pair of open source libraries on GitHub and the software registry. npm Faker.js and Color.js And thousands of users depend on this, so the developer actually introduced a malignant commit, sabotaging the versions, causing applications to infinitely output strange letters and symbols, beginning with three lines of text that read Liberty, Liberty, Liberty. So if your software relies on open source libraries, this kind of opens up your eyes to maybe the types of things we need to be more aware of as we're testing to figure out what risk areas we may have. Because a lot of times your software may consume the library so you don't even know about until something like this happens. So you want to get ahead of it before these type of attacks or these type of changes affect your particular application? So just something to be aware of and once again, definitely check that out as well. [00:08:39][104.5]

[00:08:39] And so as I mentioned earlier, there was a great article on how to actually test remotely. To verify and validate cars, but I guess there's as we saw in the previous post, there's always a good side, a bad side to things, and this one article is on how hackers actually claim to have taken control of 25 Tesla cars worldwide and can remotely run commands to control the cars. Over the last several years, Tesla has invested heavily in cybersecurity testing and work with security researchers to mitigate cyberpunk from hacking into their cars. However, this latest one was done by a 19-year-old security researcher. They discovered a security flaw that allows him to disable Sentry mode, which allows him to open doors and windows, even start keyless driving. [00:09:27][47.5]

[00:09:28] So for links of everything, a value recovered in this news episode handed over to the links and the first comment down below. And while you're there, make sure to check out our awesome sponsor Applitools by creating a free account and discover how to take your automation testing to the next level in 2022 by leveraging their awesome visual A.I.. So that's it for this episode of the TestGuild new show I'm Joe and My Mission to help you succeed at creating e2e full pipeline automation awesomeness, as always, test everything and keep the good cheers. [00:09:28][0.0]


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