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Hey, are you looking for an open-source solution to help you with your Selenium automation efforts with flaky locators? Did you actually hear that Fortnite went down a few times during the busy holiday? And are you looking for open-source security automation as a code framework? Find out the answer to these and all other and full-stack DevOps automation, performance, and security testing in this episode of the TestGuild new show for the week of January 2nd for that new year of 2022. So grab your favorite cup of coffee or tea, and let's do this.

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[00:01:03] First up, automation news. [00:01:04][1.1]

[00:01:05] So last week, Jason Arbon actually posted on LinkedIn a holiday gift for test automation engineers for test nerds at I think you're really going to find it helpful and you definitely should check out it. So Jason doesn't really go into detail about what it is, but you actually want to click on this link, and just like a good present, you need to unwrap it first. And what you do, you probably are pretty happy about it. Selenium locators can sometimes be an issue with selectors. Jason has made it available for you to actually start incorporating A.I. machine learning into your existing Selenium test now and as of now, the solution works with Python and Java with Selenium running on Mac. And I think in the coming weeks, he says he's going to release JavaScript Appium XUI and Windows support pretty soon. And as Jason points out a lot of tests have a half life, and it's just a matter of time before your automation test starts failing. And a lot of times that's due to a lot of money being spent on fixing or maintaining or fixing up all the broking selectors. So having a solution like this will definitely help make your test more reliable. So thank you, Jason, for that awesome gifts. [00:02:08][63.1]

[00:02:08] So as we enter into 2022, a automation tool that's been picking up a lot of steam the past few years they think really has started to reach a peak now is Cypress. So if you want to learn how to get started with Cypress, if you haven't already I have a great free resource for you, which is another gift, pretty much. And it's from the folks at Applitools. So in this webinar, Cypress Ambassador Filip is going to go over ways on how to set up a new Cypress project. The basics of Cypress syntax, core concepts and new ideas brought about by using this type of approach of testing where the true power of Cypress and where all the constraints are of Cypress, and what is the future of Cypress so. So if you had on your to do list for 2022 as one of your New Year's resolutions to learn a new tool or technique, check this out. I think it's a growing trend in a lot of job openings I've started to see recently. Now also have Cypress listed as a requirement, so it can't hurt to learn it now. So definitely check it out and have a link for it in the first comment down below. [00:03:06][58.1]

[00:03:07] So speaking of the new year, you probably will start hearing more and more about the Metaverse or testing in the Metaverse. So have a good article on getting up to speed on how DevOps is going to help determine who wins the Metaverse race. I think DevOps is a great skill to have as a tester and how you can start learning more about the Metaverse so that when your company starts making this transition or you get a new gig, you kind of already know what the moving parts are needed to do in order to start testing metaverse type of applications and scenarios. This article just goes over how DevOps is leveling the playing field, and it gives four reasons why the Metaverse needs DevOps. So if you're someone that likes to get involved in early technology, that's a great place to get started metaverse. It's a growing trend you're probably seeing in 2023 and beyond. I think that in next coming two years, it's going to be people just becoming more familiar with it, becoming more creators, just getting their hands dirty to see what it's all about. And I think it's going to start picking up after that, for sure. So great time to get involved early if you haven't already. [00:04:08][61.0]

[00:04:09] One thing I always get asked about a lot on my blog and podcast is How can I automate dot net applications or how can I use C# sharp? I think C# isn't leveraged as much as it should be. I think it's a great language, and that's why I was really excited to see this next announcement on Twitter from the folks at ExecuteAutomation by Karthik on a new course he has on one automation testing of modern apps with this sharp dot net. So this cost looks pretty intensive. You're going to learn C# dot net using Selenium Xunit dependency injection, and more. It's over 14 hours, of course, content and just looks like a really good opportunity for you if this is something that you wanted to get more knowledgeable about. C-sharp with Selenium and automation testing, this is a great course to check into it at a very low price. So check it out and I'll have it and links down below. [00:04:56][47.0]

[00:04:57] Another great way to get started in the new year to accelerate your career in 2022, if you haven't already is registered for this year's Automation Guild. It's the largest online event in the world, dedicated 100 percent just to automation testing. I started way back in 2017 way before everyone else, so we have a great community of people that have been around for a long time in our private Slack channel. So highly recommend you check out all the sessions from some of the top automation engineers in our field to discover a tip, tool. Technical best practices that are going to help you and your teams really succeed with automation this year and so I definitely highly recommend you check it out and register if you haven't already and hope to see you there. [00:05:36][38.5]

[00:05:36] Next up, performance and site reliability news. [00:05:38][1.9]

[00:05:39] So last month we saw a lot of major companies going down due to AWS having outages, and so I wouldn't have known about this next one. But I heard that Fortnite went down and had a major outage last week, and I had some nephews and nieces staying with us over the holiday season, and there was a big like panic because Fortnite was down. And if you check out the link, I provided the comment down below. It goes over the timeline of when it went down, when it went back up, and it also will have updates on what the issue was once they're done investigating. I don't know if has anything to do with AWS or that type of outage of its been hacked or it's just was. I know they rolled out a lot of new major updates, so that could be the cause, as well as just something to keep your eye on any time you see an outage. I always think it's important to find out why it went down, even if it's not your application, because a lot of times you can learn from someone else's failures so you can bake it into your system beforehand to be a little more proactive so it doesn't happen to you in your company. So definitely check that out in the link below. [00:06:41][62.3]

[00:06:42] So as we saw last month, where outages to software like Netflix, Hulu, Twitch due to AWS, now we see Fortnite down – not sure why. I think it's going to be even a greater need now for people to start investing in the monitoring of their cloud-native and treating it as code. So they start moving their infrastructure all the way to production, so they're able to catch these issues early on before their users are impacted. So this next article goes over why cloud-native actually needs monitoring as code and just talks about how monitoring as code is moving from one zero to 2.0 and use cases for, as code observability tech and some tips on how do you start closely monitoring your CI/CD pipelines and the ultimate goal of continuous and complete e2e monitoring? Definitely something. As I mentioned, as seen with all these outages going on, your company needs to start investing in these as well, and hopefully, this article will help persuade you why you need it also. [00:07:42][60.0]

[00:07:43] And I think a lot of this actually falls into the realm of site reliability engineering. If you're not sure what SRE is or was, so liability engineering is, it was one of the top trends I saw last year, and this year I keep hearing more and more about it. Actually, Google just launched a new site, SRE.Google, you should definitely check out. I first saw this on Twitter posted by Stephanie Wong with the announcement that they launched the site. And if you actually go to SRE. Google it goes over what SREs do, how they handle it at Google. It has a lot of awesome resources around management practices and processes, foundations and principles, and is just a great resource to have in the new year. So definitely check that out. [00:08:24][41.7]

[00:08:25] I also came across an open-source tool called Hunter, which helps you detect performance regressions. I believe Scott Moore originally posted this, and it was actually a repost of a post by Tony. Tony is the one that actually originally posted the detecting performance regressions with open-source hunter. And what's really cool about Hunter? It's a new open-source tool by data stacked automating the analysis of performance test results, and Hunter solves the scaling limitations inherent in visual inspection of results. And the difficulty is in using threshold detection limits to identify issues. So it's going to be a big time saver. So thank you, Scott and Tony, for posting this in linkedIn, I think is going to help a lot of performance engineers for sure. [00:09:08][43.3]

[00:09:09] Last up security news. [00:09:10][1.0]

[00:09:11] Prancer Enterprise announced the release of cloud security automation as code to the general public. So this is an open-source framework that's going to help organizations to deploy secure infrastructure as code. And to Learn more I definitely would check out their GitHub to learn more about how to set it up with the Asure. [00:09:26][15.2]

[00:09:27] So for everything of value that we covered in this week's news episode. Head on over to the links. In the first comment down below. And while you are there sure to check out our sponsor Applitools by creating a free account and discover how to take your automation testing to the next level. Leveraging visual AI in 2022. Create a free account now. And so that's it for this episode of the Test Guild news show. I'm Joe and my mission is to help you succeed in creating end-to-end full stack pipeline automation awesomeness, as always test everything and keep the good cheers. [00:09:27][0.0]


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