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Hey, did you know you could use Cypress for accessibility testing? Have you heard about the new Azure load testing tool? Are you ready to test humanoid robots? Find out the answers to these and all other end-to-end full pipeline DevOps automation, performance, and security testing in this episode of the Test Guild new show for the week of December 5th. So grab a cup of coffee or tea, and let's do this.

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[00:00:53] First up automation news? All right, one of my favorite frameworks I ever used when I was working full time as an automation architect was Serenity. Back in 2014 15, I stumbled across it used to be called Thucydides, and then they renamed it to Serenity, and it was one of the best BDD solutions out there, mostly because of its reporting. And the way just made it easier for the whole team to contribute to behavior-driven development. But version three point one point o is Oh, so let's see what's been added since then. All right. So it's really great that they actually added Selenium 4 integration and also Appium 8. They also improved the reporting and the reporting was already awesome. What I really like is, they added, also a test duration report. And this helps you to drill down into any of the duration buckets to see which tests are really slow at slowing down your full test suite. They also added in accessibility mode, better test results, reporting locator lists, web elements and a bunch of other awesome improvements and features. So definitely check it out. If you've never used serenity before and you're using BDD for the first time, I highly recommend you check it out and give it a spin. [00:02:00][67.2]

[00:02:01] Also, this next article came my way via LinkedIn from Jason Arbon, who is one of the lead resources I go to for anything to do with automation AI, machine learning. This guy's the real deal. He posted how Tesla's testing humanoid robots in Texas. And what does it all mean? So thank you, Jason, for posting this. And if you click the article, it just goes into detail in this article talks about how Tesla is looking for a test engineer to work in Austin as part of the Tesla's mobile robotics team to help build a design humanoid bipedal robots. And if you're wondering what skills the ticks actually do this job, it says that the test engineer will develop test processes, data infrastructure, tests equipment, and automated test scripts to help further robotic production. So really cool a chance to get your foot in the door in a really new field. So if this is something you're interested in and you know you're in Austin or you want to move to Austin or you really want to work for Tesla, I say give a check it out, see if it's still available and let me know what it's like. I'll get you an upcoming podcast to talk all about it. [00:03:02][60.7]

[00:03:02] Okay, we have a follow the money segment. BitRise raised six million to help Devs keep up with mobile DevOps. It's a growing trend we've been seeing, especially during the pandemic, how mobile devices are becoming even more important and the need to test all these different situations now in the field is even more and more critical. So this, to me is just a sign saying, Hey, this is something as testers, we should be probably focusing in on and paying attention to, and they go into detail on why they believe this type of solution is important, why they got funding. So if you don't know, this company was founded in 2014 and it was built as an end and mobile development platform for DevOps teams with aim to automate workflow processes, reduce manual labor tedium, ease complexity during the release cycle and reduce bugs during deployment, such as an interesting development where certain money's going in the industry and something to keep an eye on. Another critical piece in the SDLC is the ability to monitor your CI pipelines. [00:03:57][55.4]

[00:03:58] So this next article I came across my desk is really interesting is how Thundra Foresight V2 is on Product Hunt. It has over 226 upvotes, and this solution was created to monitor and debug your CI pipelines and tests and monitor all your CI workflows and tests at the same time, and gain some really cool insights into your CI workflows and tests by accessing key CI metrics. So definitely check that out and the links down below. [00:04:27][28.8]

[00:04:28] Also, did you know that you can use Cypress for accessibility testing? Accessibility testing has been hot hot this year, and it's going to be hotter in 2022, so I actually went ahead and created a free Test Guild course for you to get up to speed really quick on how this is done. If you go to Test Guild.COM and click on Cypress accessibility testing. Pragati Sharma gave an excellent Automation Guild session a few years ago, so I went ahead and made a free cost for you out of her session. And it's under 25 minutes of how to get started with the plug in to make accessibility testing possible using Cypress, and that's also free. Definitely check it out. So I think it's a critical trend or testers need to be involved in, and that's due learning and incorporating accessibility testing into our test suites. [00:05:11][43.2]

[00:05:12] Next up, performance and site reliability news. [00:05:13][1.6]

[00:05:14] All right. So I just saw that Azure actually released a new load testing tool to optimize app performance at scale. It's a fully managed Azure service that enables developers and testers to generate high-scale load with custom Apache Jmeter scripts and gain actionable insights to catch and fix performance bottlenecks at scale. Includes a quick start guide. It's definitely another great free resource available to you to get into other types of testing other than functional automation. To also branched out into things like performance load, stress testing,. [00:05:46][32.3]

[00:05:47] And if you're really worried about how your application handles stress load, here's a great case study on how Hotstar application scaled to 25 million concurrent users in this video. And what's interesting is this talk focuses on why traditional auto-scaling doesn't work for applications like Hotstar, which is Disney's OTT streaming service, and it talks about the challenges and scaling infrastructure for millions and how to overcome it, how you can use something called game days and how they use load testing monsters called Hulk to prepare for peak traffic and also know how to add chaos engineering in between all these crazy epic experiments that they're running there. It's a really cool session. Highly recommend you check it out once again in the links down below. [00:06:29][41.9]

[00:06:29] And as I mentioned, I missed last week's episode because of Thanksgiving. I got a little behind, but you probably experienced some. Black Friday, Cyber Monday type activities, especially when it comes from performance and load testing, a lot of applications are usually hit really hard at this time, Jonathon Wright for the past five or six years has released something called the World Digital Report that I think is a must-have during this time to get some insights on how other applications fared during black Friday, Cyber Monday. He is an on automation cyborg for sure, He's always dabbling in the latest, greatest, but one resource he's been doing for a long time is this Black Friday World Report Digital Report. So thank you Jonathon for that resource, [00:07:12][42.7]

[00:07:13] And just to show that performance testing site reliability engineering is not just something smaller companies need to worry about. GitHub actually is back online after a two hour outage a few weeks ago, which is just shows how critical site reliability engineering has become and performance as well. Just think if your application went down for a few hours, how much revenue you could possibly use, including the reputation of your brand. And it just says Microsoft own GitHub experience in more than a two hour-long outage and affected thousands or potentially millions of developers that rely on its many services. Just a cautionary tale if you haven't looked at performance site reliability engineering for your application. How critical it really is. [00:07:54][41.0]

[00:07:55] Last up security news. [00:07:56][1.0]

[00:07:56] So as you know, I'm a newbie to security, but I'm always looking for interesting articles to learn more. And this next one is on CromRAT, a new Linux malware that's scheduled to run in February. I just know the past few years malware, especially this year, has been hot, hot, hot. So just a quick heads up on a new type of potential malware that could affect your systems if you're not being proactive about it. This malware enables server-side mega cart data theft, which bypasses browser-based security solutions. The real critical piece of this article is probably the last sentence where it says most online stores have only implemented browser-based defenses and criminals have capitalized on the unprotected backend. Security professionals really should consider the full attack surface. So if you've only been focusing on browser-based defenses, this is just another cautionary tale how maybe you want to check on the back end and make sure you have a more holistic approach to security to make sure you're covering the whole attack surface of your application? [00:08:56][59.1]

[00:08:56] And speaking of hidden risk within certain applications, you may not be aware of this next article is how to protect medical devices from hidden cybersecurity risk as well in some key ways, so you can actually approach cybersecurity to lower the risk and liability from third party software [00:09:14][17.5]

[00:09:15] And for links of everything of value that we covered in this episode, head on over to the links and the first comment down below. And while you're there, make sure to check out our sponsor Applitools. Create a free account and discover how to take your automation testing to the next level. Leveraging Visual AI. So that's it for this episode of the TestGuild new show. Once again, I'm Joe, may my mission is to help you succeed in creating E2E full stack pipeline automation, as always, test everything and keep the good cheers [00:09:15][0.0]


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