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Want to know what Cypress test studio is all about? What car companies' server crashes actually caused car owners to be unable to open their vehicle doors? And how can you use fuzz testing with the Mario brothers? In the midst of these tech-heavy discussions, there's also a buzz around entertainment tech, like the options for a slot not on gamstop. It's an intriguing area for those interested in the online casino scene, seeking alternatives that provide a wider range of gaming experiences. Find out the answers to these tech questions and delve into the full spectrum of DevOps, automation testing, performance testing, security testing in this episode of the Test Guild new show for the week of November 21st. So grab yourself a cup of coffee or tea, and let's explore these diverse and exciting topics together.

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0:25 Try Applitools FREE: https://rcl.ink/xroZw
0:56 Mabl: https://links.testguild.com/4OYW7
1:33 A/B Testing https://links.testguild.com/t2hZk
2:02 Github Report: https://links.testguild.com/VMzTR
2:43 Cypress Studio: https://links.testguild.com/c2pdT
3:45 Cypress Typescript: https://links.testguild.com/MX4Kb
4:16 TAU: https://links.testguild.com/OI3nP
4:49 Tesla: https://links.testguild.com/7Tc2L
5:35 Google: https://links.testguild.com/t1ovf
6:13 Promoetheus: https://links.testguild.com/KI5Fv
7:09 Burp Suite: https://links.testguild.com/HwAsI
7:47 Fuzz Testing: https://links.testguild.com/tqNiq
8:27 Now Secure https://links.testguild.com/yFZIc


[00:00:54] First up, automation news. [00:00:55][1.3]

[00:00:56] All right, let's kick it off with a money segment. Show me the money here. Mabl actually nabs $40 million in their latest round of funding. So this news item actually came my way via LinkedIn from Bertold, where I first saw the mention of Mabl getting this next round of funding. This article just dives into some of the reasons why more and more companies are investing in AI low code type of solutions. Just an interesting read and finding out a little bit more why it seems to be such a hot space right now in testing for companies getting more and more funding, so definitely check that out in the links below. [00:01:32][35.7]

[00:01:33] So in the next article that caught my attention was interpreting A/B results, false negatives, and the power at Netflix. Alright so I missed this a few weeks ago, and it's a four-part series, and it talks about how Netflix uses A/B Tests to inform decisions and continuously innovate on their products, and they define the two types of mistakes that can occur when interpreting test results, false positives and false negatives. So if you wanted to learn how to do the same, check out the article as well. [00:02:01][28.4]

[00:02:02] So over the past month or so, you've been hearing a lot about the Metaverse. But how about the Octoverse? And that's where GitHub's State fo the Octoverse 2021 report highlights trends and predicts good practices. I think is a really good read. So the research and highlighted some major trends and the three main ones that they brought up were writing and shipping code faster, creating documentation, and supporting developer communities. And one of the key areas they actually call out is Automation when they say automation is especially important for larger organizations with their direct effect on the number of merged PRs per day. So interesting to see a report that you wouldn't normally think of being automation, testing automation focus actually highlight the importance of automation. [00:02:43][40.4]

[00:02:43] So speaking of developers and tools, another tool that a lot of developers tell me they enjoy using is Cypress. So have you tried or even seen Cypress's new experimental feature called Cypress Studio? So one of my favorite Cypress ambassadors, Marie Drake, actually highlights some of the experimental features of Cypress studio in her latest blog post. So if you don't know, Cypress Studo lets you write test automation with a minimum amount of coding by recording your interactions with the application under tests. So if you've been automation for any amount of time? Think of tools like back in the day, WinRunner QTP or even Selenium IDE, and so this is a similar function. Marie takes it through its paces to see how well it actually picks up the different recordings. How to write a test. So a nice quick overview of the power of Cypress and how to keep iterating on its to make it even better and better. And this is a solution I'm sure or a feature a lot of people have been asking for for a while. So give it a try and let me know what you think. So thank you, Marie, for that. [00:03:44][61.2]

[00:03:45] So this actually brought me down the rabbit hole of another Cypress blog post that came my way through Filip on auto completion selection in Cypress using TypeScript. In this blog post goes into detail on how to create custom commands. There were autocomplete your selectors how to perform a check on your tests that are written in TypeScript, how to Grep selections with your app, and also how to create warnings if they are selectors in your app that you are not using so really helpful article around Cypress as well. So thank you, Filip, for that. Also,. [00:04:15][29.8]

[00:04:16] And I'm not sure if you heard, but Applitools Test Automation University just reached over 100000 members and to celebrate, they're actually putting on a free event. The week of December 1st, we December 1st to the 2nd. If you haven't already? Definitely check it out, check out the speakers and register for free to get a lot of free content to help celebrate this awesome educational tool provided by Applitools and Angie Jones. So thank you Applitools and Agile Jones for this awesome innovation. [00:04:45][28.8]

[00:04:46] Next up, performance and site reliability news. [00:04:48][2.2]

[00:04:49] Now, this first article is kind of chilling. It's how some Tesla owners were unable to unlock their car doors due to server errors in the article. Just details how some. Owners worldwide were unable to unlock or communicate with their cars using the app due to an outage of the company's servers. And the outage prevented owners from using the app to get into the car, and it reports an incorrect location of the car. Obviously, Tesla says they're looking into the matter, but just something to keep an eye on and to think about as we're developing software and something you may not have thought about as an edge case as you were testing software, but definitely something you need to be aware of with these type of technologies. How do they failover if there's a server error, which I think is a perfect opportunity for reliability engineers to get involved in this type of testing? [00:05:34][44.9]

[00:05:35] And as I was looking into the Tesla server issue, also came across an article post on LinkedIn about Google not found error with their outage with their cloud servers. And this was pointed out by the co-founder of Catchpoint, who actually pointed to a great review of this outage that talks a little bit more about this incident review of Google's cloud outage having widespread downstream impact on companies. And that's just a really great breakdown of the error. What happens? And some key lessons you can find to help you hopefully avoid these issues in the future,. [00:06:13][37.2]

[00:06:13] In the next article, I came across on LinkedIn as get planet scale monitoring with managed stories from Prometheus. So this is from E Pauline, who's been posting a lot of great information around this content around cloud-based performance. Site reliability. So definitely give her a follow. I've been following a lot of great articles on posts that she does pretty much daily. And a really great article that she posted here introduces Google Cloud managed services for Prometheus. If you don't know, Prometheus is the de facto standard for Kubernetes monitoring and works well with many basic deployments, and this goes into detail about Google's cloud-managed services for Prometheus that's currently in preview. It's really touted is an easy to use service with open source interfaces, and it also goes into detail about how customers are already seeing success using this preview. So definitely check it out and let me know what you think. [00:07:06][52.6]

[00:07:06] Next up, security news. [00:07:08][1.1]

[00:07:09] So last week or the week before, we talked about fuzzing, so here's a great article on how to use Burp suite to fuzz web apps to find bugs. And it's a really detailed article on using Burp suite for a number of purposes to test, evaluate and hack web applications. This particular one goes over fuzzing in the process for sending random or pseudo random data into an application with the intent of crashing the application and thereby identifying vulnerabilities. And like I said, it goes into step by step how to set Burp suite for this exact scenario. So if you ever want to get involved, with Fuzz testing the learning step by step, this is a great article to get started with. [00:07:47][37.9]

[00:07:47] So if that didn't get you excited about Fuzz testing, I think this next article will and this is a Twitter thread by Sara Jamie Lewis, who actually created a Nes game phaser. And she did a really lot of cool stuff that use the Fuzzer to actually find issues with different games like Mario Brothers so Sarah Jamie's doing a lot of cool stuff with this messing around, getting it to work with different games and finding a lot of different issues. So thank you, Sarah, for that and may definitely want to try out now. Hopefully, Sarah will have a blog post on this or our video tutorial, how she did this because it seems really, really cool. But definitely check it out in the Twitter thread, Which I'll have links down below, and. [00:08:26][39.1]

[00:08:27] I also came across a new tool I never heard of before, which is NowSecure, which now has a GitHub actions that helps devs easily test mobile app security, which is a big growing field as we get into the new year. This goes over a solution by NowSecure that enables mobile apps security testing directly inside GitHub workflows for developer first security. So one thing I've learned over the years is that to get developers involved in testing, it's critical you have tools that actually integrate into the testers or the developer's ecosystem, so that they don't have context switching. Going back and forth between all these tools is actually baked into their workflow, and using tools like this actually makes it better for them or easier for them to get the work done that needs to be done before we ship things to our customers. So definitely a solution you should check out in the links below. [00:09:16][49.5]

[00:09:17] And for links of everything of value we covered in this news episode. Head on over to the links in the first comment down below. And why are you there? Make sure to check our awesome sponsor Applitools free account offer and discover how to take your automation testing to the next level using an awesome visual AI solution. [00:09:34][17.1]

[00:09:35] So that's it for this episode of the TestGuild news show. I'm Joe, and my mission is to help you succeed with creating a full stack and end pipeline automation awesomeness, as always, test everything and keep the good Cheers! [00:09:35][0.0]


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