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When is the next Automation Guild, and how do you get your early bird discount before it's too late? What technology does Uber use? And why is Google getting into the fuzz testing game? Find out the answers to these and all other end-to-end full pipeline DevOps, automation, performance, and security testing in this episode of the Test Guild new show for the week of November 14th. So grab your favorite cup of coffee or tea, and let's do this.

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[00:00:58] First up, automation news. [00:00:59][1.1]

[00:01:00] So as I talked about on all my other podcasts and also in other episodes of this new show is this migration of more and more companies moving everything to the cloud. And I found a great article on how or why businesses should migrate to the cloud with one of the main reasons being automation. Kapil put together a really good rundown of. I think it's the four or five reasons he thinks it makes sense for businesses to migrate to the cloud. And I really like the number-two reason and that is automation and how the cloud really allows for automation and a more or less using an infinite amount of resources, resource pools, giving users access to many more unlimited mechanisms as compared to standard on-premise environment and that really ties into the DevOps paradigm with seeing what doing everything automatically without human intervention whenever possible. Obviously, you can't do this for everything, but when you can, when it does make sense when something can be automated, it should be automated. So definitely some great advice there on some of the reasons why to move the cloud with automation being one of the top reasons to do so. So check out this article and take a deeper dive and all the other news items I talk about on this new show. Just check it out in the links down below in the very first comment. [00:02:10][70.2]

[00:02:11] So I think I announced something about Cypress in the last news show, but they just released another test run, our version 9.00, and this one includes an actual breaking change that could alter how you write scripts or breaks some of your existing scripts so something if you're using Cypress you definitely want to check out. And the break change is the Node version configuration change option now defaults to the system and the behavior of the system option has changed to always use the Node.js binary version that launches Cypress. So if Cypress was not launched via the terminal, Cypress will use the bundled Node.js Version and this could change. It could change the behavior of code within your plugins file since it may run in your systems. NodeJs version So if using Cypress definitely something to keep an eye out for. [00:02:56][45.0]

[00:02:56] And this next piece of news comes your way via LinkedIn from Bobby Patrick about RPA and Bobby post that IDC launched the first-ever IDC market landscape worldwide for robotic process automation software and its a really detailed report that goes over all the different players in the space and why they feel some are stronger than others in certain areas and which ones you should pay attention to. And you can grab that report taking a deeper dive into what they use as criteria for their report on the world robotic process automation software market space. So using anything with RPA. Something you should definitely take a look at, or if you're not into RPA, I think it doesn't hurt to learn more about it, for sure. So thank you, Bobby, for that report. [00:03:41][44.7]

[00:03:42] So one of the open-source contributors I follow a lot I don't think gets enough love is Jim Evans He's been contributing to the Selenium project forever. And he has the thankless task of doing a lot of the IE Type work. And he had a recent tweet that just announced a new release of IE Driver. And he says the primary motivation for this was improvements for working with Microsoft Edge in IE Mode. So if using IE Driver, you definitely should check out the latest release. So thank you, Jim Evans, for all your contributions to automation if you're not following Jim definitely give him a follow. so thank you Jim Evans for all you do for the community really appreciate you. [00:04:20][38.4]

[00:04:21] And as I mentioned in the last news show, there's a great resource to learn more about A.I. and how it's impacting automation, and how it can help you and your teams develop better quality software faster. And this is the webinar by Applitools called The State of API Applied to quality engineering. You could still register if you haven't already. I believe it's going to be on Wednesday, the 17th, and it's going to go over a lot of the things like insights from the report across different industries, how to understand how to shorten your lifecycle using AI, how to leverage AI to scale your existing test automation practices and learning how to AI is driving the future of quality engineering. Give that webinar a view and let me know what you thought. Are based on what you hear there. [00:05:01][40.1]

[00:05:01] And I'm also excited to let you know that I've been working on getting ready to launch the sixth annual online event dedicated 100 percent to automation Automation Guild, which was one of the first-ever online events dedicated 100 percent to automation testing. So if you're a tester into automation, you definitely want to check out Automation Guild. I'm about to open up the cart, but if you haven't got on the early bird yet, this is one of your last chances to do so. You don't want to miss it. Don't miss on that early bird, Head on over to and get in on that early bird before it's too late. [00:05:31][29.3]

[00:05:31] Next up, performance and site reliability news. [00:05:33][2.0]

[00:05:34] So I personally am always interested in what other companies are doing with their infrastructure, how they're setting up their processes, and their programs. So here's an interesting take by Uber and how they set up their SRE infrastructure and practices. So it's just a really interesting read on what they did to make their systems more reliable and what they did to optimize for speed and reliability. [00:05:55][20.9]

[00:05:55] And I was really excited to hear this latest news from Nicole can der Hoven on a new release by k6 that actually helps you with web browser-based protocol level of performance testing. This is a hot trend I've been seeing this year and last year, and I'm really excited to say that Nicole actually will be speaking out Automation Guild around this topic as well. So k6 is a really great solution for a developer focus or developer-centric performance testing, and I'm really excited about this announcement that they're launching k6-browser in public beta, and it adds support for browser automation, and it's a really detailed article when you click on it on why they're really excited about this development. They talk about what is browser testing, why it's important, how to get started. So really great breakdown as well. How to get started with browser-based testing and use k6's new product to help you with that. So as I said, it's a growing trend I've been seeing as well. So really excited by this development. [00:06:52][56.9]

[00:06:53] Next up, security news. [00:06:54][1.0]

[00:06:55] So last week, Google just made an announcement that they're making available their fuzz testing integration tool. It's called cluster fuzz light, and it makes it simpler to incorporate fuzz testing into your DevOps workflows. The US National Institute of Standards and Technology issued some new guidelines, and in wake of those guidelines. So now a number of organizations are interested in using fuzz testing because I believe it's now a minimum standard requirement code verification, especially for organizations that work with the government. So because of that? Thank you, Google, for releasing this tool. And if you're doing anything with testing, I think fuzz testing is a cool approach and it's becoming now a standard minimum standard for a lot of organizations, so it's definitely a good technique to get involved in right now. [00:07:44][48.3]

[00:07:44] So I've been seen this for a while. I really think security testing is a growing trend that more testers need to be involved in, and I'm starting to notice other companies also starting to incorporate security into their full portfolio as well. And so this next article is how Dynatrace, which is a known performance site reliability type of company, has now released added security gates to automatically detect and manage vulnerabilities in real-time. So just how Dynatrace quality gates have allowed development DevOps and SRE teams ensure code meets their service level objectives. Dynatrace now encourages security gates, which is powered by the platform's automatic intelligent observability, which now helps these teams to also ensure their code is secure as it progresses from pre-production to production. So this is spot on right on trend for what I've been seeing. So Dynatrace is in the game now with security and I'm sure a lot of other companies are going to start adding these types of technologies from a security perspective into their solutions as well. [00:08:44][59.6]

[00:08:45] And do you know that at least 90 percent of web applications contain exposed APIs that make them more vulnerable to attackers or cyber criminals? So this next article talks of how Veracode just released an enhanced API scanning tool to help you counter the fast-growing area of cyber attacks in this space. The exposure of APIs means the application deployment or development is becoming more fragmented and decentralized nature. So the attack surface is growing exponentially. Give it a read I'll have a link to the article and to the Veracode website. [00:09:20][35.0]

[00:09:20] Also. [00:09:20][0.0]

[00:09:21] Those all the news items I have for you for the week of November 14th, so definitely check them all out in the links below under the very first comment, And while you are there that make sure to click on the Applitools link to create your free account. Now to check out visual AI and how it can help take your automation testing to the next level to help increase quality in ways that you can never get even doing it manually or without the assistance of a tool like Applitools. So definitely check them out and let me know what you think. [00:09:48][26.8]

[00:09:48] So that's it for this episode of the TestGuild new show Joe and My Mission to help you succeed with creating e2e full stack automation awesomeness. As always, test everything and keep the good – cheers! [00:09:59][10.9]


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