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About This Episode:

Hey ever wonder how does Facebook scale its autonomous testing?

Want to know how to interview and hire software performance testing professionals?

Do you know the 5 steps organization can take to simplify multi-cloud security?

Find out the answer to these and other end-to-end full pipeline automation, performance, security, and DevOps topics in this episode of the TestGuild new show for the week of Oct 24.

So grab your favorite cup of coffee or tea and let's do this!

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First up, automation news.

The first news item comes your way via LinkedIn, and this is posted by Unmesh. I've been following Unmesh for a while. He always has a lot of great content, and this one is Facebook Engineering Testing at scale. So this article goes into detail how Facebook enables developers to prototype tests, and integrate on new features quickly and how it's so important to Facebook's success. And to do it effectively. The key is to have a stable infrastructure that doesn't introduce unnecessary friction. So this article goes into ways to make your infrastructure more reliable in how to address common challenges that you face with automation testing. So the article goes into information around integration, testing infrastructure, best practices, how they handle defining the test environment at Facebook, autonomous integration, testing lessons learned through deployment, and a bunch of other awesome insights. So definitely check out the article in the link below.

And one topic, I think a lot of people miss out on is how to automate SEO and how SEO actually affects the performance of your website. So I found this article via Twitter, where Dmitri posted how he just released a new blog post on automated SEO testing using Cypress. So this article is a really nice breakdown of why SEO is important in the types of things you need to look out for and how you can actually automate a lot of things as part of your pipeline. When you're doing automated testing and it just goes over, what is SEO? The different factors that contribute to SEO, key indicators you need to look for, and a good demonstration on how to actually do automated SEO verification with Cypress. Another must-read that I think is really critical as well.

Also, do you know, Automation Guild, one of the first online events in the world, dedicated 100 percent automation testing is back in work and we need your help voting on sessions that you want to hear at this next event. And to do that all you need to do, is go to link down below and upvote all the sessions you find interesting. And based on votes, I determine who's going to speak at this event, so definitely check that out also.

So one thing we always cover at Automation Guild Conferences is code quality. How to make your test less flaky. This next article goes over why code quality is a concern for businesses, bottom liners and programmers, and because automation testing is programing, it definitely will apply here as well. And this article goes over what is called quality. A few important factors to consider when thinking about code quality, what the impacts are of code quality, how to create a sustainable peace, and how quality code gives you a competitive advantage. So once again, it's something everyone should be aware of. So check it out and the links down below as well.

And if you probably notice the past few years how Microsoft really has brought itself back up to one of the premier tech companies, so I always listen to their chairman and CEO any time you talk. So this next one's from Satya on his annual letter on progress made and opportunities and why he has optimism for opportunities ahead. The reason why I put this under the automation section is he actually calls out how their power platform can be used to actually transform application development to allow anyone to automatically create workflows, apps, build virtual agents and analyze data in an automated way. And they talk about the business process automation that they have to help you with your day to day workflows also covers really important factors like security, gaming, and I always think it's a good thing just to follow the leaders in the space, just to see where they see the direction going. And usually when reading these articles, you get kind of indicators and maybe where the industry may be going in the future. So it's definitely a worthwhile read.

So one of the last projects I actually worked on before I was laid off by my previous company was incorporating Sealights into our CI/CD pipeline. And what's awesome about technologies like Sealights is that rather than run all your things against everything as soon as you check in code, this technology allows you to analyze results of what was checked in and then, based on that, tell you exactly which tests target that exact change, so you have really a good indicator that code a and B changed and that you only need to re run Test Z and B to cover that. So it helps you release software quicker and faster because you're not running thousands tests waiting for results and having false positives. You have really targeted tests going and that's going exactly against the things that have changed in your environment. So it's one of the last things I worked at my last company, so I was really excited to see this piece of news, which is the follow the money type news item. And it's some tunes play when I play there anyway. So this is the announcement that Sealights has raised $30 million in funding as they say always follow the money because this shows you where the market is going or where our industry is going. And I really think this is a big trend that a lot of people should be taking more advantage of. And one of the investors mentioned that they're very confident with the team at Sealights in their technology and how they really believe it's going to be one of the fastest growing tech companies in software DevOps and QA. So if for some reason a company become successful in one area, you probably start seeing other copycat companies as well. So definitely something to check out. If you've never heard of it. I really think it could help you deliver better quality, quicker and faster using this type of technology.

Next up, performance & site reliability news.

I should actually called this the James pulley section because it seems like the past few weeks he's been in every single news item that I brought up. But this next announcement he just gave on LinkedIn is that they're publishing their second book on PerfBytes press called Interviewing and Hiring Software Performance Test Professionals. So you actually can preorder it now like I'm doing so. This book is going to help you find high-value software performance professionals, which are really in demand nowadays, especially with so reliability engineering. And James is an expert in this area, so I think any time James writes anything, it is a must read so you can grab that now and preorder it because I'm sure it's going to be awesome.

And in another follow the money news item software observability platform Honeycomb just raised 50 million dollars. This is an area that I've been talking a lot about this year, and it is definitely going to be high. It's something going to be a trend that I want to see more of, and that is so reliability, engineering and observability telemetry. So honeycomb just raised 50 million dollars. If you don't know, honeycomb is a software observability platform used by developers all over the world, and it helps you measure the internal state of a system by analyzing the raw data outputs to understand what may be in and applications performance. And this is a natural pairing with tools that you're probably familiar with if you do anything with performance testing like APM processes. So it's a must-have technology that I think you need in place. There's a lot of tools like honeycomb that are coming out that can help you with observability. So something to keep your eye on.

Next up, security news.

So the first article that caught my attention around security this week was an article on simplifying multi-cloud security in a cloud-native world. Two items that have been really hot the year is cloud-native and multi-cloud security. So this is another article that just dives in with a little more information on the keys to security, cloud environments and what you need to understand, and why they're not the same as normal data center operations. And this has a really good breakdown of five steps organizations could take to simplify their multi-cloud testing efforts, So as says more and more companies move to a cloud-native world. I've been seeing this shift as well on my podcast, speaking with other test experts. So definitely get informed. Check out this article to keep up to date on the latest and greatest in security and cloud-native things you need to be concerned about.

So this last article in security comes your way through Richard on Twitter and Richard talks about, he wrote. This looks like a fairly good pattern for securing your APIs. So this caught my attention when I clicked on the link. It's a really good article on best practices for securing your applications and API using Apogee. So thanks, Richard, for that tip.

While reading the article on cloud-native apps, I somehow stumbled across a new tool. As you know, I'm always interested in the new tools and technology in this one I've never heard about before is called Ans focuses on API security for cloud-native apps and they have a free plan that allows you to check it out also.

So those are all the newsworthy items I found for the week of October 24th. Definitely. Check them all out in the links below.

And while you're there, also definitely check out Applitools, which is the world leader in visual validation testing. I've used them myself in the real world, so they're definitely a tool, a product, and a company I believe in. So definitely check them out if you haven't already.

All right, so that's it for this episode of the TestGuild news show. I'm Joe and my mission is to help you succeed in creating end-to-end full pipeline testing awesomeness, as always, test everything and keep the good – cheers!

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