Pros & Cons of Codeless Automation Using Boozang with Mats Ljunggren

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About this Meetup:

This week's meetup Mats Ljunggren will share all about Boozang, an AI-based web automation tool that is written in Javascript. It leverages HTML-snippet technology to allow it to run in any browser without extension or local installation. So register now and discover some unique features that just might help your team with codeless UI automation.

TestGuild Meetup Exclusive Sponsor

This edition of the TestGuild Meetup is sponsored by Testim. Testim wanted to give back to the community during this time of need. So make sure to check out their (FREE) Community plan which now includes 1,000 runs per month. The runs last forever, but the offer won’t. Sign up now to lock it in!

About Mats Ljunggren

Mats Ljunggren

Mats Ljunggren is the co-founder of Boozang. Currently living and working in Montreal, Canada. After working for a small software company being acquired by a large company, and watching how ineffective the software development process can be, he set out to change this. Co-founded Boozang with Wensheng Li, which set out to change test automation and software development by building technical solutions from the ground up. He also holds a Msc of Complex Systems and Artificial Intelligence from Theoretical Physics, Chalmers, Sweden.

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