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About This Episode:

Want to know how to deliver software that does what it’s supposed to do? In this episode, John Ferguson Smart, author of the book BDD in Action, shares how to use Behavior-Driven Development to guide your software projects to success with collaboration, communication techniques, and concrete requirements you can turn into automated tests. Discover how BDD positively affects teamwork, dynamics, and stakeholder collaboration to help teams discover and analyze needs, uncover assumptions, reduce risks, make acceptance, integration, and unit testing more effective, automate reporting and living documentation to improve transparency, and much more. Listen up!

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About John Smart

John Smart

John Ferguson Smart is a specialist in BDD, automated testing, and software lifecycle development optimization. He is the founder of the Serenity Dojo, an online training platform for testers who want to become world-class Agile Test Automation Engineers, and the creator of the Serenity BDD test automation framework.

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