Evolution Of Testing to AI and TestOps with Nikita Fedorov

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Nikita Fedorov TestGuild Automation Feature

About This Episode:

On this episode of TestGuild Automation Podcast, host Joe Colantonio sits down with Nikita Fedorov, founder of Qase.io, to discuss the rapidly evolving landscape of software testing and the increasing use of AI. They cover topics such as the evolution of testing, using generative AI for automation test case creation, the emergence of TestOps, and the importance of human feedback for successful AI usage. They also explore the benefits of cloud solutions over self-hosted ones and touch on Case's platform, which offers manual and automated testing with integrations and analytics. Tune in to hear more actionable end-to-end automation advice on orchestrating QA activities with speed, efficiency, and customization!

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About Nikita Fedorov

Nikita Fedorov

Founder and CTO at Qase.io – a modern TestOps platform that helps engineering teams from 85 countries to boost their software testing efforts.

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