4 Reasons Enterprise Testing Fails with Autumn Ciliberto

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Are you tired of enterprise testing failures? In this episode, Autumn Ciliberto, an Enterprise Account Director at Keysight Technologies, helps to uncover the top four reasons why testing often falls short in large organizations: unrealistic time expectations, business misalignment, infrastructure complexity, and lack of resources and expertise. Take advantage of this episode if you're ready to take your enterprise testing to the next level! You'll learn how to set realistic testing timelines and strategies to align your testing goals with your stakeholders, get buy-in from your management, and ensure that testing is an integral part of your business strategy. Tune in now and learn how to overcome these common obstacles and achieve testing success.

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About Autumn Ciliberto

Autumn Ciliberto

Autumn Ciliberto is an Enterprise Account Director at Keysight Technologies, supporting clients with an AI-Powered Test Automation Solution; Eggplant Software. Eggplant Software is a leading test automation solution specializing in digital transformation. Autumn has 10 years of experience selling into the Enterprise space. She recently spoke at Keysight’s corporate conference in Las Vegas on the subject of Identifying Key Personas and Delivering Testing Solutions to C-Level Executives. Autumn provides leading testing teams a solution to support organizational objectives to ‘shift-left’ and keep up with their ever-growing client demands in the digital world.

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