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Don't let your testing efforts fall behind — it’s time to prepare for the New Year. In this episode, I’ll share my insights about upcoming test automation trends from my popular Test Guild podcast interviews and my yearly Automation Guild survey. Discover the skills, best practices, and frameworks you need to know to stay employable in this ever-changing dev/test world in 2023. Don’t miss it! What To Do With These Trends So, one of the burning questions I’m getting asked based on subjects like this is, “Will AI replace me?” Or will the current recession scare that’s looming on the horizon jeopardize my job? Look, no one can truly predict how things will turn out because that’s beyond our control. But in my 25+ years of field experience and humble opinion… What you CAN do is make sure you’re always armed & ready with the latest info on current tech. What you CAN do is stay up-to-date with industry know-how & relevant trends. You CAN always strive to improve your skillset & build a solid network. This way, you’ll always be in demand regardless of how things turn out. Because that’s EXACTLY how I survived (& even thrived) over the decades, no matter the “scare” or its consequences.

So, if you seriously want to separate yourself from the pack and gain an elusive edge in your career in 2023 Then you might want to take a closer look at ==>

Since I designed it to address many of the trends we covered in this episode. Perhaps celebrate this new year by investing in yourself to supercharge your E2E automation testing skills and get a leg up in your career, Joe. 😊

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