What Most People Get Wrong About Simulation with Chris Colosimo

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About This Episode:

Today, we're diving into the world of API simulation, a powerful tool that allows developers and testers to mimic the behavior of an API in a test or development environment. Chris Colosimo, a service virtualization and API testing subject matter expert, joins us to share his vision for API simulation. Discover what most people get wrong about simulation, how it helps your testing efforts, advice, trends in this space for 2023, and much more. Listen up!

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About Chris Colosimo

Chris is a service virtualization and API testing subject matter expert focusing on Continuous testing at speed. Currently a product manager of Service Virtualization and microservice testing at Tricentis, Chris' primary role is enterprise testing strategy and the deployment of the continuous feedback across the STLC. He is obsessed with agile testing acceleration through automation. He works closely with developers and testers to discover constraints, evolve processes, and facilitates the change management required to adopt DevOps principals throughout the organization.

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