Confession of an AI Testing Skeptic with Chris Trimper

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Are you an AI-in-testing skeptic? Or maybe you are a believer. In this episode, Chris Trimper, an Enterprise QA Automation Architect at Independent Health, shares his team's journey to adopting AI practices and technologies in testing. Discover what he learned investigating AI technology to help with test case authoring, automating, and how AI could aid his team of testers. Listen up to see if finding a peaceful coexistence of AI and software testing is possible.

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About Chris Trimper


**Chris Trimper, Enterprise QA Automation Architect, Independent Health
** Chris has been involved in software testing for over 16 years, dedicating most of that time to adding efficiencies in the testing process through functional test automation. He is currently the Test Automation Architect for his QA team at Independent Health, leveraging various tools and techniques for functional automation and performance testing. He has had the opportunity to speak at various conferences on software testing and monitoring aspects. Over the past few years, he has begun to adopt forms of AI in the toolbox of efficiencies in testing.

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Chris-Trimper TestGuild Automation Feature