Test Before Merge. Not After with Sorin Dumitrescu and Shani Shoham

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About This Episode:

Want to know how to solve the problem of “but it works on my machine”? In this episode, Sorin Dumitrescu and Shani Shoham share how to create full-stack production-like replicas on any cloud. Discover how to reduce the complexity of managing environments and enable your developers and testers to get back to building great products rather than worrying about flaky environments.

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About Sorin Dumitrescu

Sorin Dumitrescu

Sorin is the VP of Engineering at Bunnyshell

Sorin is responsible for crafting, executing and adapting the strategy of the Engineering team, as well as overseeing the operational aspects, including, but not limited to: processes, tools, people happiness, performance & career development of my colleagues within. Sorin is also involved in defining and prioritising the Product Roadmap.

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About Shani Shoham

shani shoham

Shani is the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) Bunnyshell

Shani is a frequent guest on this show who has Scaling multiple Businesses in the automation and testing space to the Next Level

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