Every Experience Matters Report w/ Marcus Merrell

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With modern software development there are more nuanced ways of interacting with our users. But they’re also a challenge for the developers and testers tasked with maintaining and testing the complex underlying code. In this episode Marcus Merrell Vice President of Technology Strategy at Sauce Labs shared why user experience matters. Discover effective ways to utilize automated to help test your users experience. Also, listen in to learn some key insights taken from Sauce Labs' latest Every Experience Matters Report.

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About Marcus Merrell

marcus merrell

Marcus Merrell is Vice President of Technology Strategy at Sauce Labs, where he uses experience from more than 20 years in test to manage strategic technical alliances. Marcus works with partners to build robust, customer-centric solutions around test automation, release management, and the entire SDLC. He started using Selenium/WebDriver in 2007, contributes to the Selenium project, and chairs the Selenium Conference Organizing Committee.

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