Self-healing Selenium Test Using Healenium with Anna Chernysheva

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Anna Chernysheva TestGuild AutomationFeature

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Are you looking for an open-source solution to make your automated Selenium tests more stable? In this episode, Anna Chernysheva, a Customer Success Engineer at AtomicJar (the company behind Testcontainers) shares how the Healenium project improves the stability of Selenium-based test cases by automatically handling changes of updated web elements. Discover how Healenum works, the key benefits of using it, and how it brings efficiency into your test automation. Listen up to learn how to develop stable and intelligent Selenium testing with less effort.

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About Anna Chernysheva

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Anna started her career as a test automation engineer and recently joined AtomicJar company as a Customer Success Engineer. She is super inspired to bring Testcontainers Cloud to success and make integration testing easier. Anna loves open-source and was one of the creators of the BDD test automation library Akita and the self-healing library Healenium. She is also the Program Committee member of Heisenbug, one of the largest technical conferences about software testing.

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Anna Chernysheva TestGuild AutomationFeature