An Automation Journey with James Johnson and Nalin Parbhu

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About This Episode:

Everyone’s test automation journey is different. In this episode, Nalin Parbhu, founder of Infuse and useMango, and James Johnson, Head of Development, will share their journey to making codeless test automation a reality. Discover how a test tool vendor tests their tool(s), the automation jobs skills that are currently in demand, RPA, AI/ML, predictions for the future of automation, and how useMango can help you.

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About James Johnson

james johnson headshot

James grew up in Yorkshire in the north of England and took a big interest as a self-taught programmer on the home computers that were in use during the 80s.

After studying Physics at Oxford University he moved to London and started work in his first career in Financial Management, working for multi-national companies in different parts of the world.

After a 15-year hiatus, James resumed programming as a hobby in 2006. He started his own small business, creating and selling software and made some money, but not enough to replace his former salary.

So in 2012 he joined Infuse Consulting to head the development of their new useMango testing application. Starting from the early product, James has helped guide the vision, architecture and development of the product through to its current state and has more ideas for the future.

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About Nalin Parbhu

nalin parbhu

Nalin Parbhu, Founder & CTO: Infuse & useMango™ Nalin’s passion, mission and vision is to enable customers to get the most of out their software. He has worked on hundreds of projects across the globe, and has over 22+ years of experience in software engineering delivery in a variety of roles

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