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About This Episode:

Are you curious to learn more about automation using TestCafe? In this episode, Dmytro Shpakovskyi, author of Modern Web Testing with TestCafe, will share insights from his new book. Discover automation testing strategies for end-to-end web testing using TestCafe and JavaScript. Listen up!

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About Dmytro Shpakovskyi

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Dmytro has over a decade of experience in Quality Assurance, Software Testing and Software-as-a-Service industries. Skilled in end-to-end, load, and API test automation, he is certified by the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB).

During his successful career Dmytro led the quality assurance automation for the platform of 60+ highly scalable web applications and services, built and maintained numerous test automation frameworks, managed distributed teams of QA automation engineers, mentored and helped to convert manual test engineers to test automation.

You can often find Dmytro creating and open-sourcing new test automation frameworks, mentoring other QA engineers or exploring new tools and techniques for automated testing. He shares his experience at In addition to that Dmytro authored a book “Modern Web Testing with TestCafe” – a no-nonsense guide to getting started with TestCafe quickly by building a complete test suite while learning the core concepts of test automation with TestCafe (

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