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Not many things are more annoying to an automation engineer than a UI with dynamic elements that change their locators with every test script run. In this episode, Eldar Kravetsky, co-founder, and CTO of TestProject, will share how their AI-enabled test recorder can help with dynamic elements and more. Discover how the AI-Powered, Self-Healing capabilities in TestProject’s Smart Recorder can automatically handle test maintenance and debugging, and keep your tests running smoothly.

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About Eldar Kravetsky

Eldar Kravetsky

Eldar is the CTO and one of the Co-founders of TestProject. He has 15 years of experience in the field. His passion for software development has begun somewhere in the mid-90s as a kid and has always been interested in programming. His other love is for photography and his dear family of wife and 2 kids.

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Eldar Kravetsky

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