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Most testers I know complain about using BDD. In this episode, Kamil Nicieja, author of Writing Great Specifications Using Specification by Example and Gherkin, will talk about using BDD correctly. Discover how to capture executable software designs in Gherkin following the SBE method. Listen in to learn to choose the best scenarios, write them in a way that anyone can understand, and ensure anyone can easily update them.

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About Kamil Nicieja

kamil Nicieja

Kamil Nicieja is a seasoned engineer, architect, and project manager with deep expertise in Gherkin and SBE. Kamil is also the author of the book Writing Great Specifications Using Specification by Example and Gherkin published by Manning Publications. He is currently CEO of Ada, an AI-powered platform for renting great apartments.

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  1. Great episode! I recently changed career paths from developer to automated test engineer and am looking for all the information I can find about writing better specifications that translate more easily to great test cases.

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