Testing SAP APIs: Strategy and Execution with Michal Krawczyk

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About This Episode

For some reason, many testers only focus on manual testing when they have to test an SAP application. Most don’t know there’s a better way. In this episode, Michal Krawczyk author of the book Testing SAP APIs: Strategy and Execution, shares how you can create a more modern testing approach for SAP utilizing API testing. Discover tips, tools, and techniques to help speed up your next SAP testing engagement. Listen up.

About Michal Krawczyk

Michal Krawczyk

Michal Krawczyk is an author of 7 books in the SAP API/Integration space and a partner at Int4 – company which created Int4 IFTT – the only native SAP API testing too. He is recognized as one of the leading SAP integration experts with more than 140 articles and blogs on SAP Community, in addition to regularly speaking at SAP events on SAP PO/PI and SAP Application Interface Framework. He became an SAP Mentor in 2007 and has won the top contributor/topic leader award from SAP Community in SAP PO/PI many times.

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