The Web App Testing Guidebook with Kevin Lamping

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About This Episode

Do you have test automation in place, but it's continually breaking and causing endless headaches? In this episode, Kevin Lamping, author of the new book The Web App Testing Guidebook, shares the reasons he created this resource and how it can help you by providing examples of UI testing of real-world websites using WebdriverIO. Discover how this guide will teach you everything you need to know to get off the ground with UI testing. Listen up.

About Kevin Lamping

kevin lamping

Kevin is the author of The Web App Testing Guidebook and a core contributor to WebdriverIO. He is a Front-end Engineer and runs the YouTube channel “Front-end Testing with Kevin”. He has a newsletter available at, which shares a weekly curated list of stories from the Front-end Testing world.

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Kevin Lamping TestGuild Automation Feature