Before the Code First Steps to Automation with Jim Hazen

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Jim Hazen TestGuild Book Review

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About This Episode

Is this the decade that you finally start your automation in testing efforts? Or are you looking for a way to improve your currently failing automation project? In this episode, Jim Hazen author of the book Before the Code – First Steps to Automation in Testing explains a tool-agnostic approach to help. Automation in testing is a lot more than just recording a test or writing code, it takes planning and lots of other front-end tasks in order for it to be successful. Listen up to learn about the things you need to do first before writing a line of code.

About Jim Hazen

Jim Hazen Headshot

Jim Hazen is a veteran of the software testing trenches. He has over thirty years of experience testing applications on the PC and Web platforms. Mr. Hazen has been involved with the startup of testing groups at multiple companies and has done consulting work for the last 19 years. He has helped clients implement tools for functional automation, performance testing and test management. He's worked with clientele management to achieve efficiency gains and the financial benefits associated to testing. Mr. Hazen has been a speaker at STPCon, STARWest and other QA & Test conferences. He is the author of the book “Before The Code: First Steps To Automation In Testing”

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