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Stacy Kirk Test Guild Feature

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About This Episode

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a QA testing hero in a DevSecOps transformation? In this episode, Stacy Kirk, founder of QualityWorks Consulting Group, will share the superpowers you can use to champion QA in your DevSecOps journey. Listen up and learn how knowledge and expertise drive the true meaning of quality—which ultimately brings value to the end-user.

About Stacy Kirk

Stacy Kirk

As a software QA architect, agile coach, coder, and speaker, Stacy Kirk champions quality and process innovation in software development. She has led global IT teams to deliver cutting-edge web, mobile, and enterprise applications in a variety of industries from advertising to security. Stacy founded QualityWorks Consulting Group and, an international firm that has become a global leader in DevOps best practices. Her consultants create products, tools, processes, and frameworks that enable businesses to accelerate software delivery. QualityWorks’ services include manual and automated testing of web and mobile applications, with a specialty in designing continuous delivery automation frameworks for performance, database, API, and mobile test efficiency.

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Stacy Kirk Test Guild Feature