Journey to a World-Class Test Automation Framework with Greg Paskal & Max VelDink

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About This Episode

Creating an automation framework from scratch is always a challenge, especially if you’ve never done it before. What tools and technologies should you use? Where do you even start? In this episode, Greg Paskal and Max VelDink from Ramsey solutions will share their team's journey to building a world-class test automation framework. Find out what worked for them, along with tips to help you create the best automation framework possible. Listen up!

About Greg Paskal & Max VelDink

Greg Paskal TestGuild

Greg Paskal is a natural innovator, pioneering new approaches across Quality Assurance and Test Automation landscapes. Greg enjoys mentoring others to excel as a craftsman of manual and automated testing. Author of Test Automation in the Real World and countless technical publications, Greg can be heard on the TestTalks podcast with Joe Colantonio. Creator of METS, the Minimal Essential Testing Strategy, Greg’s approach is recognized and taught by ASTQB as an effective, manual testing strategy.

Speaker at numerous conferences including the Automation Guild, StarEast, StarWest, and QA Trailblazers. Greg founded the Open Test Technology Forum, encouraging collaboration and focusing on greater quality across the SDLC. Learn more about his work at, and

Max VelDink

Max VelDink is a full stack web developer and automation engineer, self-taught in many respects, who loves exploring and contributing to the future of the web. I love the nature of open-source and learning from others. His current emphasis is UI test automation and Rails development. Max loves writing clean, understandable code, and learning how to better test all aspects of the apps he works on.

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This session includes:

• Off the Shelf vs. Open Source, how we settled on WebDriver?
• How did we select the language?
• Testable, codified locator strategy.
• Synchronization beyond wait and sleep.
• Why reporting mattered and how it evolved.
• Consistency in framework feel and personality (objectives, goals)
• Testing our Testing Framework, learning to eat our own dog food.

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