268: Saying Goodbye to TestTalks

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TestTalks Is Now TestGuild

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About this Episode

A lot has changed since I started joecolantonio.com more than nine years ago. It began as a way to share what I was working on day-to-day as an automation/performance engineer, and most of the topics I covered were related to my hands-on experience with the Mercury/HP/MicroFocus test stack—QTP, LoadRunner, and ALM. Over the years, however, I found myself evolving into more of a researcher/architect role, and began expanding to cover all things automation-related: open-source tools, DevOps, security testing, and more.

Of late, I’ve begun to cover topics based solely on what I've learned from other experts in the industry and sharing them with you. I also began hosting a weekly podcast as well as online conferences dedicated to helping software testers grow in their craft. Needless to say, things have grown well beyond the initial vision of a simple personal brand blog. The simple fact is, I've outgrown my name.

To reflect this change, I've decided to rename joecolantonio.com and TestTalks to TestGuild.

Check out the new site let me know what you think: https://testguild.com/

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TestTalks Is Now TestGuild