65: Kyle Cochran: Orchestrating Tests with QASymphony qTest

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Test Management with QASymphony's qTest

In this episode you’ll discover how to orchestrate your testing/Agile efforts to run in automation harmony with QASymphony’s qTest platform as we Test Talk with Kyle Cochran, VP of Product at QASymphony.

Test Management is a key tool in any Agile automation effort in order to succeed in today’s fast-paced development environment.

Kyle shares why he believes test management can help teams collaborate and enhance their test automation/development efforts.

About Kyle

Kyle Cochran is the Vice President of Product Management and Success at QASymphony. Kyle has over 17 years of software product management and strategy experience in mobile, cloud, software-as-a-service (SaaS) and traditional client-server software development environments. Over the last 6 years, Kyle has been using the latest in agile and software delivery to optimize software delivery.

Previous to QASymphony, Kyle joined Firethorn in 2005 as the 3rd full-time employee. He worked with top wireless partners to launch the first domestic Mobile Banking applications for key Financial Institutions. After the company was acquired by Qualcomm in 2007, Kyle continued to lead product strategy for Firethorn in the Mobile Payment and Commerce domain.

Prior to joining Firethorn, Cochran managed the technical vision and roadmap for Employease, now a Division of ADP. He began his career with Andersen Consulting specializing in Human Resources, Benefits and Payroll systems consulting for clients including major financial institutions and state governments.

Mr. Cochran holds a Bachelor Degree in Industrial Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Quotes & Insights from this Test Talk

  • What we see with agile, whether they're doing scrum or combine is a lot of visualization to how teams and how progress is occurring. Agile does a great job of allowing for collaboration in that regard.
  • Today, with agile and with tooling, and even concepts like continuous integration, continuous delivery, I think that people need the tools that allow them to do their job the best. 
  • The qTest platform allows not only for user management, but it offers for the functional tester or the scripted tester allows the ability to set up their test suites, their cycles, their runs, to be able to execute those tests.
  • The agile manifesto is, hey, let's start coding and stop documenting. When you do get into regulated markets and you do need what we call evidence-based testing, or evidence of test, here is your opportunity to be agile and to get work done and get stories closed and moved to done, and make releases occur. Our eXplorer tool does all of that heavy lifting for you
  • We're also very excited about a product that's just come to market called qMap, and our qMap product layers on top of all those recordings or sessions that have occurred. 
  • If your current tools don't have easy integrations, then you're almost, as a buyer, almost beholden to the person that's making the product to continue to develop the roadmap that meets your needs. Without offering the flexibility within a tool or within even the kind of sub-suites of that product, You need to be able to make those decisions about how the integration should occur.


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