Smart Data Testing for Big Data with Bill Hayduk

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About This Episode:

Need to Automate and analyze your Data Validation & ETL Testing? In this episode, Bill Hayduk, the founder of RTTS, will share how to dramatically increase your data validation coverage. Discover the importance of having an intelligent data testing solution, leveraging analytics to optimize your critical data, and improving your data quality at speed.

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About Bill Hayduk

Bill Hayduk

Bill founded software and services firm RTTS, the premier pure-play QA and testing organization, in 1996. Under Bill’s guidance, RTTS has had successful consulting engagements on hundreds of projects at 700+ corporations, from the GLobal 2,000 to midsize firms. Bill is also the business leader of QuerySurge, RTTS’ enterprise data validation and ETL testing solution.

Previously, Bill has served as a management consultant at many global firms, helping them build software and data quality, along with automated testing, into their development processes.

Bill holds an MS in Computer Information Systems from the Zicklin School of Business (Baruch College) and a BA in Economics from Villanova University.

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