39: Scott Moore: Getting Started with Performance Testing and LoadRunner

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Getting Started with Performance Testing and LoadRunner

In this episode you will discover how to create realistic performance tests that will enable your company to release applications in the wild that perform as expected.

Scott Moore, a performance testing consultant and former CEO of Northway solutions, shares with us how to avoid red alerts and getting stuck in a performance testing black hole by teaching us the black art of performance testing.

About Scott


Scott has two decades of IT experience with various platforms and technologies. He's worked on some of the largest applications and infrastructures in the world and is an HP Accredited Systems Engineer (ASE) and Accredited Sales Consultant (ASC), as well as a Mercury Certified Product Consultant (CPC) and a Certified Instructor (CI).

Scott is also a frequent speaker at software testing conferences and a thought leader in the APM space.

In 2004 he founded Loadtester Incorporated as an HP Software partner specializing in application performance testing and monitoring. In 2010, Loadtester merged and he became the CEO of Northway Solutions Group – an HP software preferred partner in the Quality Assurance space.

Scott recently left Northway to start his own consulting company, Scott Moore Consulting LLC, which focuses on helping companies with HP LoadRunner, Performance Center, or other performance testing related needs. Scott also provides formal training around LoadRunner and performance testing.

In addition to IT consulting, Scott also owns Sidestep Studios where he creates background music and provides audio services for television, cinema, and online media.

Quotes & Insights from this Test Talk

  • For LoadRunner training, I highly recommend Northway solutions.
  • Since Scott is no longer an exclusive HP solution provider, as a consultant his goal is to be a client advocate.
  • Scott’s performance testing methodology is tool-agnostic and would work with HP’s LoadRunner or another vendor-based or open-source performance test tool.
  • Performance testing has multiple kinds of testing within its definition.
  • Before you start any performance project, you should determine what is most important for your application, which will tell you how to position your tests.
  • A load test is the real-world, perfect storm situation — but something that could actually happen once a product is released.
  • A load matrix typically shows what a bad day or hour would look like.
  • For the first time, we have a LoadRunner version that includes 50 free virtual users that allows small and middle sized companies to benefit from an enterprise performance testing solution.
  • Scott believes that LoadRunner’s Analysis and Reporting engine are still the best in the industry.
  • Performance testing should be thought about as early as when the specification for a new application or upgrades are being planned.
  • Whenever someone puts down a user story on a sticky note, there should be a performance requirement on that.
  • Performance testing requires a dedicated and seasoned performance engineer.
  • To start, stick with the four main performance monitor areas.
  • Much, much more!


  • PerfBytes – Podcast that helps IT Professionals improve their performance practices

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  1. Excellent “gateway episode” into the (somewhat unintuitive) world of performance testing.

    I think Scott’s experience as an instructor makes this episode super accessible.

    Open source tools were mentioned as a category, but not by name, so comrades,
    please reply with your favorite tools of the trade.


      1. Thank you Joe for this wonderful show with Scott Moore.
        The show was very informative and thank you Scott for sharing your knowledge on Performance Testing.

        Joe,I am also thrilled to hear from you that Wilson Mar will be on the show.
        We would love to hear about Performance Testing and LoadRunner best practices from the expert who has been in this field for over 30 years.

        I am looking forward to listen to the show with Wilson Mar in the near future.

        Thank You.

  2. I used to work with Loadrunner testing scripts frm HP BAC. Man if I could do it all over again. I would master C programming and performance testung cocepts.

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