37: Michael Giller: API Testing with the Ready! API Platform

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SmartBear’s API Readiness Platform: Ready! API

SmartBear recently released a new API testing tool named Ready! API. But I think that like with any new tool/rebranding effort things can get a little confusing. That’s why I asked Mike Giller, a technical engineer at SmartBear, to appear on the TestTalks show to let us know exactly what Ready! API is and how we can use it to automate our API tests.

Mike also shares with us all the cool new features of Ready! API and reveals SmartBear's vision for the future of API testing using the Ready! API platform.

About Michael Giller


Mike is a SoapUI technical engineer at SmartBear, the makers of some cool test and performance tools like SoapUI, Test Complete, LoadUI Pro and a bunch more. Mike is known for developing and delivering highly informative SoapUI Pro demonstrations that focus on the functionality most important to SoapUI test engineers like functional, data-driven or security testing, mock web services, reporting, etc. He shares his passion for API testing using SoapUI in this must- listen episode.

Quotes & Insights from this Test Talk

  • At its core it’s still SoapUI with test cases and test suite all the same functionality that you currently have.
  • All previous versions can be ported into Read! API and run; they will work just like they did in older versions.
  • Ready! API is the platform and SoapUI NG (new generation) is the solution.
  • In addition to SoapUI NG, we now have other functionality like LoadUI for performance testing, security for security testing and serviceV Pro for virtualization (mocking) all within the same common IDE platform –Ready! API.
  • All the tools you need to ensure that your APIs are ready for primetime.
  • New modules coming in the future!
  • Ready! API also makes it easier to find all the functionality that may have been hidden in older versions of SoapUI, like security testing.
  • APIs are technically universal. If you have strong APIs thats having a string core that usually translates into easier integrations, easier deploys and easier development of any UI.
  • Mock services now called ServiceV Pro
  • Virtualization is one of those things that have benefits most people are not even aware of.
  • How to use random data to test your APIs
  • New test steps like RPC calls and the ability to send Emails
  • Much, much more!


Connect with Mike

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  1. Another cool episode , Thanks Joe and Michael.
    I was shocked to hear my full name at the beginning , you noticed my comments and emails. Thanks that was really cool . I benefited a lot from your website and TestTalks, Listening to the experience and advice from the people at their top of testing has been really helpful.
    Currently I am on Web Services project with UFT , your book was a really good kick start , and also migrating my UFT/QTP knowledge to Selenium . for selenium I started with TestTalk guest John Sonmez ‘s tutorial in Pluralsight which was really cool.
    In short this is a great place for resource and up to date knowledge.
    Keep up good work Joe .

    Akbar (Ike)
    Automation Engineer

  2. Hey Joe, another very informative episode. I really enjoy the way Mike can clearly explain the way the new Ready API works, as well as some features people may not be aware of in the product. I also like the fact that you brought him back from his previous appearance talking about SOAP UI. It’s great to hear the types of solutions a company like SmartBear is offering and how they really listen to the consumer base to develop a product that’s actually usable and reasonably priced.

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