257: Oxygen Appium Selenium Made Simple with Nachum Dimer

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Nachum Dimer

Do you like Cypress.io, but feel it’s too developer-centric for your testing team? Do you still want to use Selenium and Appium, but in a more straightforward way? If so, this episode is for you as we test talk about the automation framework Oxygen with the co-founder of Cloudbeat, Nachum Dimer. Listen up to learn about another open- source tool that might be the perfect fit for your automation efforts.

About Nachum Dimer

Nachum Dimer

Nachum is the CEO & Co-Founder at CloudBeat.

For the last decade, he has been working in the Computer Software industry, specializing in Internet and Information Technologies. During the last 10 years, Nachum worked in various large and small scale projects, working with both, government and private organizations. Along these years he's been in various positions, starting from Developer, throughout Project Manager, System Engineer, to Technical Sales Manager. During this period Nachum has been experienced in various technologies and fields, from .NET to Java/J2EE, from Web to Telcom and Embedded technologies. He believes the unique combination of long IT industry experience, high technical skills, managing experience, and customer-face thinking is the main key for fruitful work and success.

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