245: Performance Testing in 2019 with PerfGuild

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Unfortunately, not many software engineering organizations are familiar with the needs of performance testing or even have the expertise to do so. One major roadblock that prevents teams from successfully executing performance testing is a lack of training. Sometimes, just knowing where to start can be a challenge. One place to start is PerfGuild so in this episode, we’ll be talking all about the online conference dedicated 100% to helping you succeed with performance testing. Listen up.

About PerfGuild

PerfGuild Experts

PerfGuild is a World Wide Online Conference Dedicated 100% to Actionable Performance Testing. Our goal is that you’ll pick up a tip, tool, technique or best practices that will accelerate your new or existing performance testing efforts.

Quotes & Insights from this Test Talk with PerfGuild

  • I’m excited to announce that registration for the 2nd annual PerfGuild Conference 2019 April 8-9 is now open!
  • We’re bringing together 15 plus of some of the best experts in the world when it comes to performance testing. During the conference, you’ll learn what works. More importantly, what doesn’t work for some of the top experts I could find to help you create or improve your performance testing efforts.
  • Our 2019 speaker lineup:

IPA (Integrated Performance Assurance) – Leandro Melendez

IOT Performance Testing – Scott Moore

Building Performance Testing Pipelines for CI/CD – Viktoriia Kuznetcova

Machine Learning Application in Performance Analysis – Gopal Brugalette

How to Handle Performance Issues at Scale in the Cloud – Wilson Mar

Chaos Engineering – Ana Medina

Roundtable Ask Us Anything About Performance Testing – Dawn Haynes, Mark Tomlinson, Alex Podelko

Tips and Tricks Using JMeter – Christina Thalayasingam

Absolute Performance – James Pulley

How to shift Left By Shifting Right – Henrik Rexed

SmartBear – Keshav Vasudevan

Performance Testing From User Perspective – Jacek Okrojek

Roundtable Ask Us Anything about Site Reliability Engineering – Paul Bruce, Laura Stone

Making load testing with real browsers a reality – Tim Koopmans

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