244: Fast Forward Your Entire Development Cycle with Israel Rogoza and Avishai Moshka

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Israel Rogoza Avishai Moshka TestTalks

In today’s episode we’ll be Test Talking with Israel Rogoza and Avishai Moshka from IncrediBuild about how you can fast-forward your entire development cycle. Discover how to reduce your builds, tests and other tasks leveraging grid computing. So if you’re looking for ways to accelerate your software development efforts without reducing the quality, listen up.

About Israel Rogoza

Israel Rogoza is a product manager at IncrediBuild. who has more than seven years of enterprise software development and testing experience. His role includes designing and building a product’s functional architecture while working closely with R&D. Previously, as a QA tech lead, he was responsible for the backend automation and manual testing of Micro Focus's StormRunner Load and LoadRunner testing products.

Israel is a frequent speaker in events like Star Canada, ExpoQA and more, he is passionate about no-fluff development cycle optimization techniques.

About Avishai Moshka

Avishai Moshka

Avishai Moshka is a product manager at IncrediBuild with years of experience in every R&D field.

Quotes & Insights from this Test Talk with Israel Rogoza and Avishai Moshka

  • One of the biggest challenges today is that Time isn’t just money, it’s the key to growth, its a never-ending race to release to market faster while handling time-consuming development tasks.
    We all now that the results in rushing from releasing half-baked products can lead to suffering financial implications using a tool like IncrediBuild can help thousands of companies release products faster by dramatically accelerating development processes.
  • I interviewed around 20 customers each one for an hour to find their challenges and we got to the common case that customers now compromise. We heard that I think from most of the customers the common thing was that they have to deliver fast. For example, let's take the gaming world for example. We have or a lot of customers in the gaming industry and they told us, guys we have a lot of competitors in the markets and there is a new game almost every week and we have to deliver much faster. And the way we sometimes compromise is that we do less testing. Since the testing cycle is long. Or our DevOps cycle is too long because we don't have enough resources. Because of this we sometimes release half-baked products that eventually impacts us in many ways like customers abandoning us, customer not buying our product and customers complaining about us in the social media and we don't want those kinds of things during for example the Christmas which is the most selling point of the year. So we are looking for some solution that will help us to keep our product quality high.
  • We saw customers struggling within ten-hour builds or customers that have a very impressive testing suite but they are basically skipping tests just to make sure that they are delivered much faster. We asked them why don't you run your whole tests on every commit or any change or every time. And the answer was the same because we don't have time our test time takes 30 minutes to almost 12 hours and if we run the entire test suite with on every commit and on every build on every change on our system then we would be able to release anything.
  • With that information, we worked on figuring out how can you accelerate how can you use existing resources or additional resources to run more tests at the same time without adding an extra layer of complexity. Another conclusion we had is that test environments costs money. It takes a lot of expertise to add another testing environment, another database, other connections and other machines with enough software components and so on. And every machine every test environment that you have cost a lot to maintain also you need to make sure that all your test environment exactly the same. Because if you find a defect on the environment and we don't want to run the entire test suite get again on a different environment just to verify. We what to be sure when a failure is a failure and not some kind of odd behavior of the environment. So we gathered all of these inputs during several months of research and hundreds of customers took all of those inside our company to understand how can we answer all of those challenges and Focus is on a simple solution.
  • IncrediBuild is basically an infrastructure that allows you to convert your machinery into a virtual super machine allowing you to harness all the available resources on your network in order to aid one of your computing heavy resource computing tasks. And by that reducing the time of the tasks to compute.
  • In terms of unit test what we did, we basically analyzed the unit test framework and the processes that run and understood how we can divide the unit test DLL. Once we know this we can divide the tests inside of it into multiple into multiple cores across your networks. For instance in the same customer example I used before we took 10,000 tests running on a single machine for almost 20 hours but after running each test inside each test method on a different core in the entire organization took only 12 minutes because there is no processing time or waiting or there is no queuing needed for tests to complete execution.
  • My point of view of being agile or moving too fast for releases does mean you can compromise on the quality or the user experience of your users.

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