241: Automate The Planet with Anton Angelov

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Today we’ll be test talking with Anton Angelov, the CTO and co-founder of Automate The Planet Ltd, inventor of both the BELLATRIX Test Automation Framework and MEISSA Distributed Test Runner. Prepare to discover more about automation frameworks and how to run your tests in parallel.

About Anton Angelov

Anton Angelov

Anton is the CTO and Co-founder of Automate The Planet Ltd, inventor of BELLATRIX Test Automation Framework and MEISSA Distributed Test Runner.

Quotes & Insights from this Test Talk with Anton Angelov

  • I really enjoy reading books not only technical stuff but about psychology history anthropology and sociology etc. because I really believe that knowing all about this stuff can help you to understand the world better and easier to manage of situations and choices.
  • Many companies wanted me to hire me to build some frameworks for them. And the third time when I was such a company I told them that every time I need to create again and again the same thing. It will be really hard to maintain because in my past companies because you are in a rush always to test a new feature. It's management usually don't spend much time allowing you to maintain and write new features of the framework. Usually, the framework is not well documented it's not well tested and because of that I really decided to create this framework as a product so that we can concentrate to be high quality.
  • Many people think that they own a framework and they don't actually own a framework they own a library like they just implemented a few custom methods around Selenium WebDriver and they think that they have a framework but this is not a framework. The framework is a complete solution that has many things.
  • Right now there are lots of open source test frameworks which are great, however, most of the frameworks and custom framework that people usually built they lack a few things that I think are important. For the new generation of tools, for example, most of the frameworks are dedicated only to the testing web. Usually, they lack tools for troubleshooting.
  • Bellatrix is not open source. Because I really wanted to keep it high quality. I was part of many open source projects. Many people were writing but they always follow the guides. Even right now in the WebDriver project, there are only a few people that participate in this are the core contributors. This is why we decided that it's better to make the tool free to use up to some extent but it's not open source.
  • I talked to a lot of guys the had really amazing hard skills really good programmers. It was really hard to communicate with them and I think that that soft skills helped me a lot. Not only in conferences networking and teaching because you cannot win with people you cannot teach them. But if you develop the greatest framework you need to be able to explain to the people to your team why this new thing is better than the previous solution.
  • My advice is to spare some time. Instead of checking your Facebook etc. When you get some time to rest to have a few articles about automation and read them during work with your coffee

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