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Dzmitry Humianiuk Test Talks

In this episode get ready to discover ReportPortal.io an open source AI-powered Test Automation Dashboard. We'll be test talking In today’s episode get ready to discover ReportPortal.io, an open-source, AI-powered Test Automation dashboard. We'll be test talking with Dzmitry Humianiuk, Product Manager at EPAM. Dzmitry will explain how ReportPortal.io can help you with acquiring, aggregating and analyzing test results to quickly determine the health of your test runs using machine learning.

About Dzmitry Humianiuk

Dzmitry Humianiuk Test Talks

Dzmitry Humianiuk has eleven years in IT, development background. Leading the development of solution accelerators in Test Competency Center in EPAM Systems in Minsk, Belarus.

Quotes & Insights from this Test Talk

  • At the end of the day, I found that I needed a way to collect the huge amount of test results. So this was the idea I was trying to fix. And at the same time, one of our department leaders found out my plan said let's just start and implement it. So this five years ago when we started with the idea to implement something that is robust and the standard for all test automation results within our company.
  • With ReportPortal you've got all those benefits like a magic in one click let's say. Everything out of the box. I would say that the key benefit is the real-time reporting. So if you have a pretty huge test automation scope and you have to execute a lot of these cases. There is no need to wait until the full execution will be finalized for your test cases. It's like 8 6 10 hours. You will start to see results within the report portal in a few seconds after the execution have been started. Sometimes in a certain situation when the test cases start to fail because of different and various problems and unusual case you will find out these problems on the next day. But with Report Portal, you can check in a few seconds and make it click, fix and execute it once again.
  • For ReportPoral we use machine learning and implemented some algorithms which utilize all the historical data we have in our database for your project. And basically analyzes your latest execution. With some projects, we find out that these features reduced the analysis of the failures up to 90 percent of the time which the team previously spent for reporting and result analysis.
  • Making the tool customizable was pretty crucial and important point when we start to implement this. From day one we are assuming that it will be open sourced. It's built on microservices architecture first of all. So basically it's a perfect extension point for the report portal and you can just implement your own small teeny micro service which can use our API to let's say doing any changes within the API and it will work with like any other micro-services which are inside. And at the same time since we open source you can see all the code it's available for everyone and everyone can contribute.
  • This was also a key idea to make Report Portal be able to work with any solution. And I can even say that we have integrated it with Silk test which is old-fashioned stuff but still have the agent for the Silk Test to send the results from such old school stuff inside the report portal and make it capable with the modern software.
  • ReportPortal.io is free to use by anyone so check out their GitHub page for more info

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Dzmitry Humianiuk Test Talks