217: Selenium Above and Beyond with Andrew Krug

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In this episode, we’ll be test talking with the lazy coder Andrew Krug. Andrew just created a new resource called Selenium: Above and Beyond and that what well’’ be covering today. Get ready to discover a learning package that takes you beyond beginner level automaton and to a new level of automation awesomeness. Listen up and find out how to leverage your existing selenium scripts for performance testing, securing testing and more. Check it out.

About Andrew Krug

Andrew Krug

Andrew Krug is the founder of LazyCoder.io and creator of Selenium Above and Beyond.

Quotes & Insights from this Test Talk

  • Well, I like to think of it more as a package instead of a book like I was originally going to be a book but a book does it really do it justice has it. There's a whole lot more of that. I mean there are videos there's code reports for some of the languages are actually to be workable like self-run sort of courses. So like the code there and you can input the answers then you can actually get validation if it was right or not even without me helping you out there or doing any online video training.
  • The reason why I made it was because if you do an Amazon search for selenium books you'll come across a ton of books on how to get started with selenium and that's about it. There are no really advanced courses that are around there. There's no intermediate courses or anything like that it's all just basic beginners stuff with maybe there might be if you read there are some the ones that are quote-unquote intermediate. It's all like basic stuff it's all like the good general practices that everyone should be doing anyway which I see more as beginners topics nothing advanced really with selenium to get the advanced material like go to all the conferences watch all the presentations and pieced together all those different pieces. And to me, that's very time to consume and tedious for anybody that's doing this on like for their company. You can't spend all every day battling all these different resources watching videos going through all the training courses because you just don't have the time to do that. So this is going to be like the full on everything that I've learned over the years and everything that comes up as well as the state of evolution changes will be included in it and like what're the best practices for each thing to use.
  • One of the common things is that there might be one or two really smart people in a team that are very versed in selenium but there's always the difficulty of getting new people involved with the test automation aspect and I have a bunch of patterns that I use to address that to make it a non issue for them when they work with the testing automation framework. A lot of different programming patterns that simplify it so that new people are very inexperienced people do not have the issues that you experience typically when starting with a new cold project that you're unfamiliar with. These are people that are new to testing automation or programming they typically have API. There's a lot of stuff they have to learn to get started with it with specific patterns you can make their life easier to at least be able to contribute to it by doing so they can become members of the team without having too much knowledge but they can still contribute.
  • One of the big ones of my biggest pet peeves is actually BDD because very often it gets abused. And by that I mean a lot more abstractions are made to support BDD only tests. And that creates a lot of overhead. When you have that much overhead it just makes the maintenance aspect of your framework a lot larger piece of your day which I want to avoid as much as possible so I sort of dislike BDD in that sense but it is good for it has some very specific use cases. And when you use it for those it makes everyone stay a lot easier. But by shoehorning it into everything you can you can sort of make a mess.
  • So there is a fantastic open sourced package called OWASP ZED attack proxy which as the name entails is a proxy server that you can run your selenium test through and what it does it records how it gets to all the different pages and then it will replay essentially your test or how it got to each page and on each page is going to try out a whole bunch of the top 10 security threats on each page and try to beat your system to a degree.
  • The highest end package actually has a whole bunch of more bonuses such as – How do you approach your manager and ask for the raise you desire. Because you've automated everything and you've raised the quality of the product to new heights. And how can you justify the rates

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